NBA Victory streak of Golden State Warriors tears

A winning streak, also referred to as a win touch or warm streak, is an undisturbed series of success in games or competitors, frequently measured by wins that are uninterrupted by losses or ties/draws. In sports, it can be related to teams, and individuals. In sporting activities where groups or individuals stand for teams such as countries or areas, those teams can also be claimed to have winning touches if their representatives win successive video games or competitors, also if the rivals are various. Streaks can likewise be put on specific competitors: for example, a rival that wins an occasion in 3 consecutive Olympic Gaming has an Olympic winning streak, even if they have lost various other competitors throughout the period.

The winning streak of the Golden State Warriors is torn. Trade Young has expressed the Milwaukee Bucks with an incredible performance. Patty Mills has set up a new franchise record at the Brooklyn Nets victory and the Portland Trail Blazers are no chances without Damian Lillard.

Los Angeles Lakers (8-6) — San Antonio Spurs (4-9) 114: 106 (Game Report)

Atlanta Hawks (5-9) — Milwaukee Bucks (6-8) 120: 100 (Box score)

After six defeats in series and four games in consequence in opposing arenas, the Hawks were finally back home and that s noticeably good. From the beginning, the threesome was outstanding at Atlanta and, above all, Trade Young had properly Bock, his seventh (!) Spacer in the first half brought the three minutes before the pauses with +18 in the lead.
The 7 threesome in the first half were exactly such a record for Trade as the 27 points (9/14 FG) in the first 24 minutes. We just want to win, said the Youngster briefly at the half-time interview. And that also showed in the second half.
The pick-and-roll between Young and Clint Capella was simply not stopping from the Bucks without Brook Lopez, which the Hawks exploit ice-cold and felt every play over the duo ran. Young at the end at the end of 42 meters (seasonal record!) At 16/26 from the field and 8/13 of Downtown and also played 10 assists. John Collins was with 19 points (8/15) Second-best thrower s hosts, while Capella is cheerful about Gianni Antetokounmpo.
Incidentally, Young is only the fourth player of NBA history with at least 40 points, 8 threes and 10 assists. The other three? Stephen Curry, James Harden and Damian Lillard — no bad company.
The Bucks shortened in the meantime again to -8, you should not get closer to Atlanta. Young eighth and final threesome with four minutes on the clock was finally something like the preliminary decision. The Hawks benefit from their rebound dominance (51 to 30) and their strength in the zone (52 to 34).
At Milwaukee, Gianni was with 26 meters of the best point collector, but had the entire evening with his throw to fight (9/21). True Holiday (19) and Grayson Allen (18) also scored successfully.

INSANE ENDING! Golden State Warriors vs Charlotte Hornets FINAL MINUTES!
Charlotte Hornets (8-7) — Golden State Warriors (11-2) 106: 102 (Box score)

Stephen Curry s return to his hometown Charlotte ran differently from the point of view of the three specialist. He first met his sixth attempt two minutes before the halftime from Downtown. Otherwise, his Point Guard Competitor Lamely Ball on Hornets pages, the 20-year-old met 4/5 threes is in the first quarter and at half-time already at 19 counters (7/11 FG).
Golden State convinced again in the collective from the beginning, so there were already a break with curry (11), Andrew Wiggins (13) and Jordan Poole (14) three GSW players at a double-digit dot yield. Since the game was otherwise very competitive, it was not very surprising with a debut in the half (57:57).
And also in the episode it remained well — and wild. None of the teams came to a good offensive rhythm, but the game lived again and again from his highlights. Shortly before the break Terry Cozier and Kelly Outre Jr. Two fast thrusters to Hornets leadership, marriage curry sank an impossible litter over the board to the buzzer.
Said Outre Jr. had to adopt a short time later after two unnecessary technical sat an early stage for a shower, which was also not conducive to the rhythm of the Hornets offensive. It went on back and forth and playing with 44 seconds, the Hornets had the ball in the hands at the stand of 102: 102. Miles Bridges met a fast jumper, Kevin Mooney rejected after a foul Both free throwing and Terry Cozier made the game with his points 19 and 20 (all halftime two) from the line.
Rogers 20 points cracked at the end only Bridges (22) and Ball (21). The Warriors Wiggins with 28 meters of Best Werner (12/19) was curry (24, 7/22). For the Warriors it was only the second defeat of the season and the first in the regular season.

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