Starfield will be taught calmly Bethesda already has your calendar to show the new RPG

If what we have promised us is finally true, we can assure from this moment that is less than a year to play Star field. We talked about the header title of Bethesda for the new generation, one that has prioritized about The Elder Scrolls VI and aims to be much more ambitious than other known RPGs of the firm.

The director of the company has had a last week moved, since it has lent some interviews that have left us more details about the game. Todd Howard It has also been encouraged to participate in a question and answer session on Reddit, and there it has been when he has invited us to be attentive in 2022: he has assured that we will have to wait until the summer coming To know Star field s novelties.

We prefer not to show it, we will do next summer Todd Howard We prefer not to show it, we will do it next summer, he says, answering a question that talks about the revolutionary innovations that they plan to introduce with Star field of Face to the next generation of action RPGs. We are happy with the progress we have been able to make, some of them can be seen in the trailer of presentation.

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Waiting to learn more about the new title, we know that Bethesda will focus on games for a player in the future, although they leave the door open to experiment with social elements. We will see what results achieve with Star field, which has its release date set for the November 11, 2022, when it will reach PC and Xbox consoles.

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