Battlefield 2042 is fun if you do not listen to the annoyed players

For half weeks battlefield 2042 in the Early Access release and is a phenomenon that regularly ranks Games occurs at larger. While parts of the community right has fun, the other part is very much annoyed by problems.

This is currently being discussed: Who has ever looked this day in the Subreddits Battlefield and Battlefield 2042 will find significantly different moods.

While the Subreddit to Battlefield 2042 (via Reddit) from sheer criticism and annoyed players only swells so generally Subreddit to Battlefield (via Reddit) the mood is much better. This goes so far that both sides are tired of each other.

While some just play in peace and want to have fun, it s important to the other part, the errors and problems to be emphasized in order to be fixed quickly. They also want to make their disappointment air.

But what does that say finally? What parts of the community are now in the right and which are not? Or neither? How are we to get an idea of ​​how Battlefield 2042 now actually is? We summarize the mood images and explain the conflict within the Battlefield community.

vs reddit shows that the mood is very different

Two recent examples show particularly good as it has just appointed to the opinions of community. Just as this post here in Battlefield Subreddit that says: Battlefield 2042 s fun — If you have no Reddit that whispers in your ear that it s bad.

Many players feel it apparently confirmed the post has since 3500 up votes (as of November 16, 13:16).

User Getrektself said: There are things [the game] that are really corrosive. The game is still a lot of fun. These two things are not mutually, mutually exclusive.

This is followed by numerous jokes about Reddit phenomenon. So Hatfield writes ironically: No, he s wrong. Things can ONLY TOP be complete or dog shit.. Dead Game This writes Can of leaves: A real Redditor.

Battlefield 2042 Fans Are ANGRY! But Maybe at the WRONG People...

While some feel disturbed by the negativity and even write of toxic community, others feel again attacked by this criticism. A post in the Subreddit to Battlefield 2042 comes close attention and is currently used on more than 3,500 up votes. (Via Reddit)

It writes Dull-Caterpillar3153: It is frankly so tiring to see how people say that the community, toxic and ungrateful is. We are literally the consumer for this game. If people do not like something in a game, they have every right to complain about it.

Furthermore, it leads to: Some people have spent $100 for this game. How can these people say they should shut up and enjoy it when they do not like?

There is also much agreement of disappointed Battlefield fans who are unhappy with the state of the game. Writes Gettoblastah: I agree with you fully, buddy, it s quite a disaster…

What exactly is actually criticized The game has some problems and the veterans of the Battlefield series have already expressed many criticisms?:

A bug can prevent you will or revived can respawn.
The interface is criticized by many players.
The Blooming is faulty, so that MPs are just more accurate than assault rifles.

Many compare the latest Battlefield spin-off with former parts and miss some things. For example, the destruction system was significantly more comprehensive example in Battlefield 1, the gameplay in Battlefield V better for many.

The larger the community, the more different the claims

As the mood? How is it now showing the two major examples that there is far from clear. Certainly it can be said: There are many problems that should be addressed urgently.

For some players, these problems are so severe that they lose the desire for Battlefield 2,042nd Others still have plenty of fun to ignore this error and wait to be resolved by them.

That these parts of the community and discuss each other, but is also easy to Reddit. Because Reddit reflects only part of the players resist and often brings controversy more attention. Thus, the differences of opinion often appear larger than they actually are.

In general, the veterans and hardcore players can be found on Reddit rather who long to do with the respective game or the series. While some with an experience of 20 years Battlefield have a very different perspective on the game, there are others who are in turn new or have only entered the last couple of offshoots.

As a result, there are automatically very different perspectives and expectations that are constantly leading to such discussions. Even within the veterans, there are different opinions, so some even as a series tradition, the start of a new Battlefield does not run around. But what do you think of the debate? Do you have fun Battlefield 2042, or are the problems too heavy?