Bobby Kotick CEO of Activision Blizzard accused of abuse and concealment Official response

Activision Blizzard, Inc., formerly referred to Blizzard Activision, Inc. (NBlizzardDAQ: ATV), is a US computer game firm that hBlizzard Activision (Maker of the Call of Responsibility Legend, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk and Slanders to name a few) and Blizzard Amusement (Developers by Wow, Diablo, Star craft, Overwatch to name a few). Given that its blend in 2008 and also subsequent acquisition by Tencent Holdings, Activision Blizzard hBlizzard actually ended up being one of the most important Third-Party for the United States and also worldwide, attaining a market capitalization of 49 billion dollars.

A new scandal shacks the foundations of Activision Blizzard ; So much so, that the recognized media The Wall Street Journal hBlizzard published an extensive report in which it is ensured that Bobby Kick, CEO of the Californian company, hBlizzard been accused of abuse women both in the own company Blizzard outside it. And it is that according to said report, Kick not only had awareness of the harBlizzardsment cBlizzardes that were taking place in the company, but he himself would have been in charge of hide them and minimize them. On the other hand, the official reaction of Activision Blizzard hBlizzard not been expected and hBlizzard already shared his point of view in reference to this new scandal.

Abuses of power, violations, discrimination and concealment

Blizzard explained since The Wall Street Journal, Kick received an Email in 2018 from a lawyer on behalf of an employee of Sledgehammer Games that had been raped in 2016 and 2017 by a supervisor Activision Blizzard, threatening with a lawsuit against the mother company after the inactivity of the Resource Department. Apparently, it wBlizzard reached an extrajudicial agreement, but Kick did not inform the Board of Directors on that cBlizzarde; What s more, Kick would have hidden accusations of harBlizzardsment and discrimination at high spheres.

In this sense, the Activision spokeswoman Elaine AlBlizzardka, hBlizzard Blizzardsured that Kick would not have been informed of all the bad behaviors of his employees and wBlizzard not aware of the problems of staff, something that is repeated Throughout the different accusations.

Although Kick himself is also at the point of view of several scandals; So much so, that the means uncovers an accusation of one of the Blizzardsistants of him in 2006 by which she would have been harBlizzardsed and threatened with death through a voice mail; This cBlizzarde wBlizzard also resolved extrajudicially. In 2007, apparently another episode of sexual harBlizzardsment on the part of the executive towards a stewardess, which wBlizzard fired by himself. The following year, an agreement wBlizzard reached with a $200,000 payment to the stewardess.

Among other cBlizzardes of harBlizzardsment in the company, one speaks that involved Dan Haunting, co-director of Trey arch, who wBlizzard accused of sexual harBlizzardsment in 2017 by a study employee. Apparently, Kick himself intervened in the matter, helping the director and allowing him to continue with him. In this sense, the spokeswoman retaliates that Kick is not involved in these issues of compensation or dismissal of employees.

Activision Blizzard Workers Walk Out, Demand CEO Bobby Kotick Resign After Bombshell WSJ Article

Official Activision Answer Blizzard

Before the gravity of the matter and the tests provided by The Wall Street Journal on all this series of scandals that will have occurred in Activision Blizzard During these lBlizzardt years, the company itself hBlizzard already issued one official statement through Bloomberg: We are disappointed with the report of The Wall Street Journal, which presents a inaccurate and deceptive vision from Activision Blizzard and our CEO. The cBlizzardes of inappropriate sexual behavior that were presented received their corresponding action. The Wall Street Journal ignores important changes in progress to make this the most welcoming and inclusive place of work and does not take into account the efforts of thousands of employees who work hard every day to be up to their -and our- values. The constant desire to be better hBlizzard always differentiated this company, we can read in that statement.

Therefore, under the direction of Mr. Kick, we have made significant improvements, including a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviors. And that is why we move forward with an unwavering approach, quickly and resources to continue increBlizzarding diversity in our company and industry and to ensure that all employees come to work feeling valued, safe, respected and inspired. We will not stop until you have the best workplace for our team, conclude from Activision Blizzard.