Buying Hot Pockets Gets You Halo Infinite Double XP Obstacle Swaps And Also Big Prizes

If you eat Hot Pockets and also play Halo, then there s great news: Hot Pockets has actually revealed a collaboration with Halo Infinite where gamers can buy specially-marked Hot Pockets to unlock 2XP as well as difficulty swaps, as well as get in sweepstakes to win big prizes.

What are those large rewards? Well, the grand reward is a package including a 75 Q90 Samsung 4K PC Gaming TV, an Xbox Series X console, a copy of Halo Infinite, one Racer Kiera Pro headset, a 1-year Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and a year s worth of Hot Pockets (in the type of check in the amount of $2,080).

There will certainly also be 10 first-place prize winners, who will certainly get a comparable package as the grand prize, yet without the Samsung TV and also the Xbox Game Pass membership. Victors of this will additionally get a one-year supply of Hot Pockets instead of a year s worth, which contains 52 discount coupons, each redeemable for one free 2-pack of Hot Pockets.

Finally, there will be 50 second-place prize winners that will certainly get a Hot Pockets tee and a 1-year supply of Hot Pockets.

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The drawing started on October 1 as well as will upright March 31, 2022. To get in, you just need to purchase any kind of specially-marked box of Hot Pockets, take a picture of your receipt, and also then submit it to the Hot Pockets internet site. Each entry counts as one entry into the random sweepstakes illustration, as well as individuals are limited to sending one entry each, daily.

While there s just a fat chance of winning the rewards mentioned over, acquiring the Hot Pockets still provides the 2XP as well as challenge swap incentives, which will undoubtedly aid in leveling up the Halo Infinite Fight Pass as well as gaining more cosmetics.