The Playdate shop console is pre order next month

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With the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X / S now on the market (finally, if you can beat the scalpers), it is this period of the game cycle where players are all effervescence on the last consoles. While the latest offers of Sony and Microsoft have been nothing less than resounding successes, there is a new competitor on the block that is about to carve out its own little niche on the console market.

Playmate is a unique Panic micro-console, independent success publishers Fire watch and Untitled Goose Game, marking their first incursion into the console market. It is a small handheld, using 2D black and white black graphics. With a layout of buttons similar to that of the Nintendo Game Boy (having a sophisticated manifested joystick), it is not a state-of-the-art technology or innovative hardware that is the main salesman sales argument — its The method of distribution of games.

Rather than buying individual games either physically or on an online store, Playmates purchase will give you access to 24 games in Season 1, with two games outweigh every week. The titles offered in the first season include Zipper Bennett Toddy and Flipper Clipper from Serenity Forge. Although it is not even clear if the following seasons will require additional payment, we can be pretty sure they arrive, unless a catastrophic failure — the creator of Papers, Please and Return of the Bra Inn, Lucas Pope, is currently working on a title for the console called March After Midnight. Panic also promised some surprise games, developed internally and released parallel to the first season. We know that the console can run Doom, we are delighted to see what these independent developers can do with Playmates limited specifications.

The Playmate was originally exiting in 2020, but was postponed for this year last October. Pre-orders for Playmate will start in July.

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