FIGHTS IN TIGHT SPACES Exits early access on December 2

The title of Strategy and Construction of Decades Fights in Tight Spacious will leave the anticipated access phase on December 2. After almost a year polishing the game experience, Ground Shatter will accompany the launch with a huge upgrade of content that will include 6 new initial decks, more than 200 unpublished cards and 30 additional enemies. As promised by announcing this stage, the daily challenges and other challenges of temporary challenges will also be activated.

Fights in Tight Spaces is inspired by action movies and martial arts to create a degree in which we will have to take advantage of the space and elements of our environment to defeat the different enemies. Through several missions we can improve our deck with letters that adapt well to our style of play and polishing our favorite techniques to guarantee the success of the strategy: As an agent of the eleven section, it is your work to find direct solutions to Imminent threats », We read in the description, what it means, above all, that you will have to crush the face of people with different things ».

For my partner Víctor Martínez, the anticipated access of Fights in Tight Spaces was already a solid and complete proposal that could only improve. In the first impressions of him, he defined the title of battles as A son of Into The Breach and Slay The Spire amazed with john Wick ». In the words of him:

The wildest points (the little variety of enemies, the few decisions that are allowed to take between combats) are already collected in the roadmap for the next updates, so at the moment you can only go better. I do not think I can get to have the depth and tour of Slay the Spire, basically infinite, but as it is already recommended, and it is worth having it at the point of sight.

Read the full progress here.

Fights in Tight Spaces - 100% (Former) World Record 1:09:27 Speedrun #FiTs #Hapax #WR
FIGHTS IN TIGHT SPACES will be available at PC On December 2.