Shift up Nikke Winning Goddess

The shift-up (representative Kim Hyung-tae) said the 22nd day Nike: The victory was the goddess of the victory to the game show Vesta 2021, which was blocked on the 21st, leading to a good response.

The shift-up is a total of 70 mobile presidents on the booth and the Nike: Winning Goddess experience has expanded its opportunity.

NIKKE ~ The Goddess of Victory - G-Star 2021 Trailer (Full version) - Shift Up - Mobile - KR
Nike: The goddess of the victory demonstration build was provided for the demonstration of the visitor response. Without a separate event, the queue has occurred for an hour or more, and most of the visitors played a 20-minute time of play time per person.

The visitors experiencing the game were the biggest charm of Nike: Winning God, and the character illustrations and strikes. After the game experience, the shift-up booth is watching the large character illustrations and trailers, and had a pleasant time, including taking pictures in a photo zone that reproduces the game screen.

The Shift-up Type Director Nike: The goddess of victory is the game to make the user with the game property, and the game to make it anticipated to the market, said the game is a game that will make it a unique IP emergence, said the best finish I will soon look for you soon.