Horizon Forbidden West Ameniza Your waiting with an official podcast of the PlayStation saga

PlayStation Studios is the umbrella company of all video game advancement business of the Sony Interactive Amusement (you) founded as Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. It is a main interior organization that manages the advancement of all little girl studios within which you are managed. It is in charge of the imaginative as well as critical positioning of all development job and productions in the area entertainment software program of the PlayStation Studios for the PlayStation Console Family.

Horizon Forbidden West is getting closer and closer, so from Sony and PlayStation Studios they are beginning to revenge more details of the next exclusive PS4 and PS5. Although guerrilla Games is immersed in other projects apart from the saga, it is the right time to start wake up more desire for the open world of Ally.

For this reason, the study has announced the creation of Gaia Cast, a podcast that will deal with the franchise and everything that surrounds it, starting with Horizon Zero Dawn and reaching the sequel. The first episode is now available, and you can hear it in the original version in the video they have shared on the official guerrilla channel, although it contains some spoilers of the first installment.

The first chapter deals with Ally and the background of the protagonist This chapter is about the figure of Ally, deepening more in the history of him and the background of his personality. For this, they have invited the narrative director Ben McCaw and the Senior Screenwriter Annie Kit ain, who share more details about the Lore referring to the protagonist, while using us as a reminder of what we live in Our first experience in the saga.

Of Forbidden West has not been unleashed just nothing new, but we have been able to see these weeks that guerrilla has been encouraged to talk about the enemies we will face, as well as explaining more aspects of the sequel world, like the new way of interacting with the characters or the life of the territories that we can visit the next February 18 in PS4 and PS5.

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