Tracker win in part

The Berliners brought their 13th win of the season on Tuesday evening with the 4-1 of the Sermon Roosters and remain table profits behind the ETC Red Bull Munich and the Adler Mannheim, which ran from the Champions Hockey League on Tuesday.

For the polar bears, Giovanni Fire (6th, 29th), Frank Hurdler (11th) and Fran’s Nielsen (25th) were successful. Brent Rubin (27.) had met for the in the meantime 1: 3 for the Roosters.

Cologne and Wolfsburg in the same step

Behind the polar bears continue to lurk the Grizzlies: The Wolfsburg defeated the Düsseldorf EC 4: 2 on the 24th match day. Spencer Michael (21.) and Sebastian Turner (22nd, 60th) and Darren Archibald (38th) were successful for the Grizzlies.

A home win also celebrated the molded Cologne Have, who won eight of the last nine games. Against the fish town penguins from Bremerhaven won the team of We Krupp with 2: 0. Andreas Thurston (54th) and Lucas Dumont (60th) met for victory.

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Wild Wings with third win in series

The Schwenninginger Wild Wings managed by the 5: 2 against the Stabbing Tigers the third victory in the third game since the takeover the coaching post by sports director Christof Reuther. Defender Johannes Hub brought the team from the Neckarumsprung with a double pack (20th, 24th) on the winning road. For the Wild Wings, Taylor Spin (25th), Alexander Karachi (56.) and Ken Andre Climb (58.) met.

The Stranger Goals achieved Jason Arson (28th) and Marcel Brandt with a shorthand nine seconds before the end of the second third.