LOL The play of a professional with an undervalued champion that will make you change your mind

15 UNDERRATED Champions of ALL ROLES to ONE-TRICK in Patch 11.23 - LoL Guide

Some champions of League of Legends simply are not popular among the community. Despite being in a good state of form or Corning the Tier List for a few patches, they do not awaken too much interest due to an unattractive gameplay or the perception that they are not as powerful. However, taking us a great surprise may be a matter of giving them a single opportunity to show us everything they can contribute to a game.

Nemesis demonstrates the potential of Cork

One of the most recent cases is that of Cork. Although it has a disproportionate victory rate that rises to 52.94%, the champion does not even reach 1.75% at the election rate of it. A situation that can be explained due to particularly boring pairings during the first minutes to which the choice of this champion can give rise, which does not shine during the initial phases of the game.

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However, Nemesis wanted to demonstrate what is the true potential of the character. Something more accustomed to monotonous clashes in the lane phase given his career as a professional player, the now creator content has signed a play to frame where he managed to end the whole team through the use of just a skill combo with It demonstrated the unleashed potential of which it is one of the champions that inflicts more inflicts in each game of League of Legends.

Nemesis only needs to launch the Valkyrie enhanced by the package he gets with the passive of him to inflict a lot of damage to all the enemies reached. Situation that combined with the use of just two skills and a basic attack is more than enough to end four of the five rivals and leave the last weakened enough so that it is finished being liquidated by the definitive of Caitlyn. All this, in a context of one against five that no other League champion of Legends could have solved.