zcan in front of Gladbach You want to play would be a mistake

The training on Wednesday morning took place without Anthony modest. The injury in the hip-pelvic area, drawn at the foul of the Mainer Stefan Bell last Sunday, was not as far as the Frenchman could have within. He worked individually, but could already go without complaints. And so the hope lives that Cologne’s best scorer in the derby against Borussia Mönchengladbach can be there. It is assumed that the pain is reduced day by day, there is no substance loss in view of the short break.

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Andersson is ready

If modest still fail, Sebastian Andersson will move into the stone center and replace the French one to one. However, it is still open, how it looks behind him. The opponent from Mönchengladbach Beach last by purposeful switching game, a four-block in the central midfield with One, Bauhaus, Hoffmann and Still — supplemented by storm tip Plea — shone against promoted Fürth. The Cologne will have to oppose a real pound.

Borussia Monchengladbach vs Bayern Munich 3-1 Highlights 2015

Can demands Derby hardness

Why is quite possible that coach Steffen Rampart builds on a rather defensive threesome series with Shirt, Juridic and Can. Three continent runners, three good two-fighters, three disciplined players who still know where the gate stands.

In front of them, Florian Keying and Mark Utah would be behind the storm tip to the train. Playback has a very good team. We have to keep the rooms tight Calls Salish Can, most recently in Mainz scorer to 1: 1 with its first Bundesliga at all. His realization: You play, would be a mistake. He himself sees himself for Saturday and the derby a bit more on steam. He wanted to try a little harder to go to the two-fighting, that belongs!