The official steering wheel of Gran Turismo 7 costs more than a PS5 and promises to be the most dynamic of the market

Fantastic tourist (generally abbreviated as GT) is a Japanese racing simulation video game series established by Polyphony Digital. Developed for PlayStation Equipments, Gran Tourism Gaming are intended to imitate the look and also efficiency of a big selection of cars, a lot of which are qualified recreations from the genuine world. Given that the launching of the franchise business in 1997, greater than 80 million devices have actually been offered worldwide for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and also PlayStation Portable, that makes it the best-selling video clip game franchise business under the PlayStation brand.

If you are fond of driving games, you will know that the experience that offers you a steering wheel when facing a simulator is one of the most satisfying and unique to enjoy leisure from home. Gran Tourism 7 is less than three months after its launch, and if you feel like you will have seen that there are different options in the market in terms of peripherals, although it promises a good use of Danseuse Command.

Since this week, a new member is attached to that list: Gran Tourism DD Pro. It is a steering wheel that has presented the Fanatic signature, with official license of the Polyphony Digital franchise. Your reservations are active from today, and its price has skyrocketed above the cost of a new generation console: 699.95 euros The cheapest package, going up to 969.85 The more expensive.

ensure that you will have the softest and dynamic force feedback on the market The steering wheel has Direct Drive technology to improve force feedback, the smelling of the ring resistance according to the contact of the car with the track and the Different forces. They ensure that it will be the softest and most dynamic of the market, in addition to other remarkable features, such as having a steel construction, magnetic sensors and a more rigid spring in the brake pedal for a more realistic experience. The pedal board, yes, does not bring clutch in its most basic version, although it is in the higher price package.

Gran Turismo 7 New Official Wheel Pre Order And Price Info

Gran Tourism DD Pro is compatible both with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, platforms in which the seventh numbered delivery of the study led by Samundri Yamaguchi is launched. But it is also in PC, at least most racing titles available, as they ensure on the official website.

Gran Tourism 7 will be published in PS4 and PS5 March 7, 2022. The game will try to bring back the experience that fell in love with the fans in the first deliveries, with a strong commitment to collecting and higher content for a player, although something that did not like users is that it requires permanent connection for most of the modes that can be enjoyed individually.