Zelda fan gets no switch builds his own Breath of the Wild

The Zelda community is full of surprises. The players will find years after the release of Breath of the Wild new secrets or mechanics in the game. However, a developer could not play the RPG hit yet, but has no money for a switch. So he decided shortly to program his own Zelda clone — and the result can be seen!

Zelda fan develops own BOTH shrine

More than 4 years has the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild now on the hump, but despite his age, the RPG hit has not yet stated dust for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Players from all over the world are always discovering interesting hidden mechanics, abbreviations for Speed runs or face funny challenges.

Indie developer Nazi is also a great Zelda fan, but could not play the Open-World offshoot Breath of the Wild so far. The simple reason: He lacks the money for a Nintendo Switch and the game. However, since the RPG has fascinated him, he decided to develop his own breath-of-the-wild clone.

I Made Breath Of The Wild 2 So Nintendo Doesn't Have To
Proud 7 months he works on his project and recently published a short clip on Twitter, which shows the development progress:

What notices: Nazi has given the biggest effort, to make his clone as exactly as possible look like the original. In the clip, clear textures and objects can be recognized, the Breath-of-the-wild players already know from the shrines of the template.

But not only in the area Nazi has been inspired by the original, he has also built three of the special modules of link in his game: The magnetic, the statistics and the Cryomodul. The three skills are needed to solve puzzles of the self-made shrine. By the way, this should be a bit longer and more complicated than that of the original. However, he completely renounces a freely walk-in top world.

In between Nintendo has already announced the successor to the RPG hits and already shown first game scenes in a trailer:

Fear of Nintendo: Game is not released

Who asks now if the project is available online somewhere to take a look at it yourself, looks into the tube. According to current information, the developer does not plan to publish his Zelda clone. There is also a good reason: Nintendo (Source: GamesRadar).

Since the game manufacturer has already made in the past with iron hardness against various fan projects of own brands, Nazi has decided not to make the game accessible to a broad mass.