Grammozis Swelling must first declare something

A few minutes before the kick-up, Simon Eroded took on Saturday on the Arena lawn a collage of sports board Peter Anabel in reception — a honored on the occasion of the second division rerecord, the Eroded had set up with his 154th second division a week before 1: 1 in Bremen. The striker took the present in civilian clothes in reception, the subsequent game against the SV Tannhauser (5: 2) he had to pursue from the tribune.

Inserts until Christmas questionable

Will Schalke’s top scorer (12 season Deandre) now also miss the remaining three games until Christmas against the FC St. Pauli, the 1st FC Nuremberg and the Hamburg SV? The forecast, which the FC Schalke met on Saturday, does not sound after short term: until further.

After the game against the VS coach Dimitrios Grammars spoke something more detailed about the violation of the attacker. Accordingly, Eroded in Bremen has brought a bruise and when graduating from the game against Tannhauser still undertaken a last attempt in order to determine after a few minutes that the trouble is in vain.

სამზარეულოს ომები | საუზმე, რომელიც მონაწილეთა ბედს გადაწყვეტს
Grammars hopes for more certainty in the next few days

With reference to bruise as the basis of all evil explained Grammars: The liquid, this hematoma, has a bit wandered down and then formed itself together with the injury at this point. You could not really see something correctly because of the whole area Swollen us. The swelling must decay first, so we can look in the muscle. The coach hopes for more certainty in the next few days.

As Schalke 04 has accurately managed to compensate for Erodes failure at 5: 2 against Tannhauser, read in the Monday edition of the sports board (from Sunday evening as magazine).