Nexon illegal editorial copyright infringement stop win

[Kids News 24 Park Ye Jing Jeong Joe] Nixon (Representative Lee Jong-un) wounded in the illegal editorial lawsuit.

The Court ruled that last month’s NARA’ of the ‘NARA’ of the ‘Best Country’ of the Arms’ Purpose of the Own Surgical Editor’s copyright infringement.

This is the case of Nixon to commission investigations to investigators in 2018, and the private residents who arrested in 2019, which will be submitted to the restructuring of copyright infringement and discarding the claim, such as claiming,

In particular, in the case of damages, the operators who have made copyright infringement, as well as a jointly responsible for those who have only been to the role of simply revenue role.

How Copyright Works: Fair Use, Parody, and Copyright Infringement | Berklee Online

The illegal editorial server is unauthorized and unauthorized or the same game, and to make the same game as the same game, as it is the same game, and it is operational to take advantage of it.

Currently, Nixon said that it is actively being on the illegal editorial response of the service game such as ‘the country’ and ‘Maple Story’. Actually, it is an explanation that the case of stopping operations is also identified.

Nixon said, The illegal edition operation is a clear copyright infringement, and plans to respond to aggressive legal measures in the IP infringement, as well as an apparent copyright infringement.