Nicolas Cage is playing Dracula in a new Universal Monsters movie

Nicolas Cage has been cast as Dracula in a new Universal Monsters’ movie titled Enfield, reports THE.

Enfield stars Nicholas Holt (Deadpool 2, Dark Phoenix Metro) as the titular acolyte as well as henchman from the 1897 Gothic horror unique Dracula. Enfield was a client at an asylum who was stressed with the suggestion of drinking blood for immortality. Naturally, he discovers himself under Dracula’s wing and is fed animals and the prospect of a relentless life for his commitment and also adulation.

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THE’s record doesn’t provide a lot of specifics on exactly how the relationship in between Cage’s Dracula as well as Holt’s Enfield will play out in the upcoming film, but the project is being called funny in tone.

Enfield is being guided by Chris McKay, whose body of job consists of Amazon’s The Tomorrow Battle as well as The Lego Batman Movie. Ryan Ridley, who has writing and voice acting credit histories on Rick and Morty, is penciling a manuscript based on an initial story overview by Robert Kirkman, co-creator of The Strolling Dead comics.

In a great deal of methods, this really feels like the end result of Cage’s numerous insane duties, from the suicidal father in Mother as well as Father to, instead aptly, the man who assumes he’s becoming a vampire in the 1989 funny scary Vampire’s Kiss. A few years back, we made a list of the wackiest NIC Cage moments, as well as one can just really hope Enfield will have a scene or 2 that makes it on a revival of that item.