Battlefield 2042 Update 1 05 Patchotes Diego Perez

Update 1.05 has arrived for Battlefield 2042 and here is the complete list of changes and troubleshooting added to this patch. This is the third large update for Battlefield 2042, which fixes a variety of problems in multiple game modes. Battlefield 2042 has, to say the least, a bumpy start and calls countless complaints of fans and players. EA and DICE, however, have committed themselves to improving the game, and this update should make the gaming experience for all some more fluid. Everything is new with Battlefield 2042 Update 1.05.

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.05 Patchoteats


The Last Player screen now contains all players from earlier games to simplify user reporting
The interaction system has been improved by changing the default text Interact for multiple interactions to reflect the action that you want to run, e.g. B. Open container, Call lift
Fixed problem with the lighting of the kaleidoscope server room
It has been resolved a problem associated with the speed / trajectory on spawn in Jets
Improved helicopter animation in Level-Fly BYS during paste
Improvements to fix a problem where players killed in vehicles would fall under the level geometry
Improvements in streaming assets in the deployment screen presentation
The player will no longer remain in a rope slide / rope after leaving a vehicle after entering a rope slide or a rope
If you leave a free seat at an early stage in the Enter animation, your destination is no longer blocked
The correct field of view is applied immediately after insertion sequences

User interface

The collection screens have been improved, so they are easier to use and clearly recognizable, which interacts them
The way you can manage your attachments via the collection screen has been improved to reduce the number of interactions that you need when creating your equipment
Improvements to our player card screen and at the end of the round (FOR) to give additional splendor
New marks added so that your newly unlocked items are easier to find
Improved screen transitions when entering and returning to the main menu
Improved reports of a player, especially in terms of toxicity and fraud reports
The scoreboard in the game is now scaled correctly to meet the settings for the safe zone of the screen
Fixed cases where the scroll function did not work in the option screens
Focus recovery implemented for screens so that the focused button is saved when calling a screen again
Fixed visual effects remain on the screen during the round end
Improved responsiveness when opening Comoros
Fixed inactive goals in the Comoros for defenders in Rush & Breakthrough
Fixed that targets for attackers in Rush. Not displayed in the Comoros

Spielersuche & Friends

Experience between FOR and the main menu has been improved
Improved matchmaking reliability and less failed matchmaking instances
Improved Crossly invitation sequences
Fixed problems with updating the Rich Presence to make sure your friends can better track where they are in the game
Fixed that servers are stuck in non-reacting game states where rounds do not start correctly
Corrections for friend invitations for players on the PC
It has been fixed a problem in which the friends list sometimes was not up-to-date

Progress and free circuits

Introduction Weekly missions with specified challenges that reward cosmetic activities
1. Match bonus added by 1000 Dark Market Credits for Hazard Zone
Improved general XP / rank tracking and reliability
Improved persecution of the championship rank
Improved reliability of player card tracking
The required level to unlock an item is no longer visible as soon as the item is unlocked
An error has been fixed in which championship badge did not appear in the menu of the portal collection
A problem has been fixed in which EP was not properly assigned for replenishment of angels
The 3D preview of vehicles now shows the correct adjustments in the collection menu
Notification added when a new player card badge level is reached
Notification added when a new championship level is achieved


Remedy a variety of visual flicker and stuttering problems
Improvements in water rendering at Aiming Down Sight (ADS)
Added visibility definition for iron visors to enable correct ADS for the CAR
Leaving ADS is now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles smoother than before
Fixed several graphical problems that affect water reflections
It has been a problem with the character reproduction for players who join a running game
Improvements made to artifacts that affect the DSS implementation
Flickers in oasis water in El Altman fixed in use
Fixed: Animations that sometimes seize when picking up a weapon from the ground were fixed
Fixed that aircraft sometimes appeared with wrong suspension graphics
Fixed problem that led to false ball impact effects when shooting near water
Fixed that the visual firing effects of the JU-87 Study Gunner Seat were not properly aligned on the plane
PSO-1 rifle scope moved forward to AN94 to prevent clips in the idle screen
Skinning problems fixed for multiple PP-29 weapons skins


Over 150 individual bug fixes, small changes and improvements on all our cards
Improved level geometry problems in all levels that troubleshoot problems, e.g. B. players who get caught or caught
Fixed several spawn problems
Visual disturbances like Lens Flare, visible seams fixed in the Skydove
Fixed many collision and placement problems
Fixed problems with local audio solution in multiple maps

Battlefield Hazard Zone

The visual representation of Dark Market Credits has been improved
The squad and player screen has been changed to remove the names of the enemy squads
The scoreboard has been changed so that you no longer show connected opposing players
Added additional torches to the extraction zone that provide players a better view of the extraction area and provide additional coverage
New Spawn sites for initial data capsules added
The number of data drives that can contain initial data capsules has been increased.
Accuracy and fine diagram of the Data Drive scanner improved
A problem has been resolved in which two teams could extract at the same time
Fixed warnings to warn players to be scanned, sometimes are not displayed
The interaction with Data Drive pickups became easier.
Removal indicator Added for the next available extraction point
Improved placement of the camera at the end of the round
Use the Change button in the lobby now return to the PERK tab
Initial data capsules spawn now only a maximum of 4-6 opposing forces
Drones in the Extraction Condor are now destroyed while leaving
XP added to completely eliminate an enemy squad
The Implement icon is now part of the symbol of the soldier and vehicle world
Fixed that players sometimes could absorb more than their maximum capacity to data drives
Falls were fixed in which the round bonus EP was inaccurate, and the lap holder was not triggered correctly
It has been fixed a problem where the countdown did not start in the lobby when the player has hidden
Reduced width of the lobby summary information
Animation and audio information added when the player’s remaining capital changes in the lobby
Combined tab Tactical items for a single tab in the lobby
The visual representation of the lock symbol in the lobby was made clearer
An option has been added to exit the waiting menu for the accession of players and the prospective lobby menu
It has been fixed a problem in the lobby that made it difficult to understand which tactical objects were selected
It has been fixed a problem in which the voice-over was interrupted at the end of the round too early
Problems with voice-overs that were heard when extracting players fixed
Fixed problems with random audio trials for the Data Drive Scanner
Fixed missing music if spread has been eliminated

Battlefield portal

Server Info Added for the pause menu
Added support for the reporting of a server via the pause menu
Support for server administrators added to write regular service messages
Simplified screen design for server settings
It has been resolved a problem that was too high in some portal weapons for some portal weapons when tried to fire immediately after sprint when zooming
Fixed bug where the maximum number of human players on the Modifiers tab was displayed incorrectly for FFA game modes
Various charging music added, depending on which portal card is loaded
Setting a low multiplier for maximum health for vehicles does not cause you to appear in flames
Aircraft within the portal now show your equipped missiles and bombs correctly
UI display Added for Rush to indicate when the next sector starts
Visual problem with reloading multiple throwers (RPG-7, SAW, Bazooka, Panzerchreck) fixed

Builder supplements

Rush game mode layouts for all 2042 all-out warfare cards (via the portal)
Noor Official Vehicle Team Deathwatch game mode
New official templates for Team & FFA Gun Master
New official infection template


The possibility has been added to recognize what players were killed to apply additional logic.
Activate the portal SETTLED block so that it can be used with AI

Blachtfeld 1942

Fixed detection problems for binoculars
It was resolved a problem that led to M3 Half track and SD. Car 251 Halfback to dive into the terrain
It has been fixed a problem by which the 9k22 Tunguska-M suffered too much damage from some vehicle MGS

Battlefield Bad Company 2

The recharge animation of the M416 has been improved
The Tracer Dart now successfully blocks marked vehicles
Morton can not be fired anymore if not zoomed
Additional vote on UAV-1

Battlefield 3

It was fixed a bug that could lead to the M3A3 Bradley primary and APHIDS T-grenades continuously fired
An error has been fixed that prevented the Solar and MAV gadgets soaked their previous direction when a player entered them
An error has been fixed that led to the MAV, EOD bot and Solar gadgets indicated a preview model after it has already been placed
New and classic voice over lines for damaging / killing an enemy with a defibrillator with BF3 attack characters added
The MI-28 HAVOC and AH-64 Apache Rocket Pods now have the same recharge time
The EOD Bot now has a vehicle status icon to support driver orientation
The SU 35BM flanker E has been reassembled to adapt to the health of other jets
The FGM-148 Javelin now has two different shooting types
Compensation pass for C-RAM and PANTS IR stationary
Increased recharge time for guided Rocket
Fix problems with the passive detection of the MAV

UX improvements

A number of visual, audio and gameplay improvements to weapons, vehicles and devices made
The adjustment experience of the plus menu has been improved
Navigation problems on the screen to collect player cards
New options added to select the damage indicator color for soldiers and vehicles
A new crosshair option was added to change the thickness of the damage indicator shape between: thin — medium — thick.
The Accessibility button in the experience selection has been replaced by Accessibility & Options.
Fixed that the color selection preview in the options’ menu often displayed black instead of the actual color
Putting objects are now visible if they are hidden


Optimized information spamming in Conquest, which reduces the number of messages that appear in the world’s log. In particular, we have reduced messages about flag state changes so that they are not so disturbing


Recording times for Breakthrough customized
Improved spawn of defenders outside borders in Breakthrough to ensure a simpler safe spawn
The Breakthrough user interface has been improved so that you can better track round progress in the form of a game mode widget
The game mode widget in the scoreboard has been updated to focus on sectors and attacker reinforcements. Note that it is only displayed when playing Breakthrough and Rush
The elapsed time is now added and…