24 Mario Kart alternatives for PS4 Xbox One Switch

Sonic as well as All-Stars Racing Transformed is a race computer game created by Sumo Digital and also modified by Sega. It appeared on November 16, 2012, in Europe on PlayStation 3 and also Xbox 360, November 30 on Wii U, December 7th on PlayStation Vita. The Microsoft Windows variation came out on January 31, 2013, the Nintendo 3DS variation on February 8, 2013 (still in Europe). The IOS and also Android smartphone version appeared on January 2, 2014. The video game follows Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing released in 2010, it is the 4th episode of the Sega Superstars series and also the 8th racing video game from the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise.

Nintendo’s Cult Plumber Mario put the foundation stone with Mario Kart on the SNES for a whole racing-game undergone, the fun racers. Alone or with friends to flit against each other about stretches and get annoying with collectible items, since then, there is an integral part of each series part. Mario Kart does nobody in this area, as among others Mario Kart 8 deluxe proves the switch.

But: Mario Kart is just for Nintendo consoles. But what do all those who are looking for a decent fun racer for the PS4 or the Xbox One?

We would have a suggestion : consult our list! Because we have summarized Mario Kart alternatives, which convey properly Mario Kart feeling, among other things, through a split screen mode. For the switch, most of the titles mentioned is also available.

Last update on 03. December 2021 : added Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Team Sonic Racing

Systems : PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : up to 12 players inside

There are already several fun-racers with the Sega mascot and his friends, the latest listen to the name Team Sonic Racing and delivers all ingredients (colorful routes, extra weapons, etc.), which is expected from a decent fun racer. The special feature is here the name-based team focus.

Because every character is part of a solid threesome team, through the skillful benefits of wind shadows or streak boosts, we can help our team members fighting the front places. Because in the end, the team wins the greatest overall point number. In addition, there is also an excellent solo mode.

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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Systems : PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : up to 8 players inside

In the course of the great remake wave around Crash Bandicoot and Spiro The Dragon, there was also a comeback of Crash Team Racing to celebrate. The PS1 classic was reissued for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with a completely revised optics — at the same time there were all content from the PS1 offshoot crash nitro kart on top.

Similar to Mario Kart, we have a wide selection of drivers that are located in the extended Crash Bandicoot universe. Power-ups like missiles and TNT boxes, as well as a comprehensive Battle mode, in which up to four friends compete against each other. What Mario Kart does not have, is a single player campaign — and can offer crash team racing nitro-fueled.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed

Systems : PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Switch
Local multiplayer : up to 2 players inside
Online : up to 12 players inside

Hot Wheels Unleashed lets us with the popular toy cars around the bet. The routes consist of the typical plastic elements of Hot Wheels — who likes orange, is just right here. There are several individual and multiplayer modes. Locally, but unfortunately only two players can compete at the same time.

As a small special feature, every car has its own attributes and is slightly different. Collectors get a reason to collect all cars through different rarity levels. If you are already familiar with all the routes, then you can use the Track Editor to create your own routes or download from others.

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11 Awesome Kart Racing Games That AREN'T Mario Kart


Systems : PS4, Xbox One
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : up to 16 players inside

One of the craziest Fun-Racer representatives for PS4 and Xbox One is Obliterates. So you do not feel like crash, Sonic and Co., starring her here with wild aliens about exotic planets. It is in direct comparison to Mario Kart far less squarely to the point. Thanks to the weapons of your karts and the use of different power-ups, the action is in focus.

By the way, you can play with a campaign in single player or multiplayer with friends thanks to a campaign. Locally, four friends can occur simultaneously in splits screen mode, the driver field is extended to 16 online. In addition to the normal races there are other Fun modes.

Garfield kart Furious Racing

Systems : PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : up to 8 players inside

Has someone told Lasagna? With the greedy cult hang of his friends, you can also in Fun-Racer-Manier over a total of 16 colored stretches. Garfield, Jon, Die and Co. are kept with crazy gadgets, such as small UFOs, with which their opponents lifts into the air.

If you do not want to go alone against the I, there is a local split screen mode for up to four players: inside and an online multiplayer. Here you get at eight against each other. In addition to the normal championship you can prove yourself in the time trial.

Meow Motors

Systems : PS4, Xbox One
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : not supported

If you prefer to drive with more cats than just Garfield around the bet, Meow Motors could be right for you. You play in the story the cat Rocky, which is hummed by Master Duke, the dreaded racer, and now wants to become the best race cat of all time. In career mode, in addition to normal races, you also deny drift challenges and so-called strikes. There are not the rounds, but the shots that they achieve in a timeout with the different items.

Of course, there is also a multiplayer mode. For this you can only meet locally with up to four colleagues and drive on the 20 routes with ten cats around the bet. An online multiplayer does not have Meow Motors.

Renzo Racer

Systems : PS4, PS5, Switch
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : not supported

Renzo Racer is the first official Fun Racer with a special PS5 version. The game offers 20 racetracks, 16 riders that are all based on animals, and typical items, such as missiles or turboboosts. So exactly the generic food to expect from a Fun Racer.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix

Systems : PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : up to 8 players inside

With Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix you can drive with 30 different drivers on 28 tracks around the bet. Interesting for the small nickelodeon fans is that the entire game consists of characters and environments of series such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Men & Skimpy and other Nick franchises.

The great peculiarity of Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix is ​​the PIT Crew system. Because in addition to the actual drivers, you also choose your helpers from 70 characters. These give you a tactical note, as you have to decide what special skills you need during the race.

Race with Ryan

Systems : PS4, Xbox One, Switch
Local multiplayer : up to 4 players inside
Online : not supported

With Race With Ryan, the children’s YouTuber Ryan’s World gets its own racing game. Therefore, the routes also act directly from the imagination of a child — at least as adults imagine this. So there are a trail a pirate bay, a western city, a ghost house or. All usual environments and no surprise.

Therefore, the target group for which the game is really suitable is also quite limited. Who is not a fan of Ryan, will find a very generic racing game here, which quickly becomes forgotten.

More Mario Kart alternatives

With the following list, we’ll show you even more games at a glance that could breastfeed your hunger for Mario Kart. These are the fun racers for PS4, Xbox One and Switch, which could still be missing in the collection:

All-Star Fruit Racing (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) — You want to drive in fruits in a vitamin-rich world, then you are right here!
Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) — snatch your buggy and rest past shiny beaches.
Bears Can not Drift!? (PS4, Xbox One) — packs the paws on the handlebar and put you as a bear to the wheel of the karts.
Bib Blocks berg: The Big Witchesbesen Race 3 (PS4, Switch) — fans of the little witch can take place here in the broom.
Cars 3: Driven to Win (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) — Implementation to the third cinema film of the animation series
Coffin Dodgers (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) — Here reserve pensioners with their modified wheelchairs to death.
Gen sou Sky drift (PS4, Switch) — look for a Thou girl and uses another figure as broom to scratch over the tracks.
JAK X: Combat Racing (PS4) — Let it crack in the racing spinoff of JAK & Baxter.
Party Crashes (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) — Rest with your friends on random routes around the bet.
Racing Bros. (PS4) — Free Game with Local Multiplayer and many bugs
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) — take place in the contained pod racers.
Table Top Racing World Tour (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) — Rest as small cars about desks, loft and more.
Touring Karts (PS4, PS VR, Switch) — Fun Racer, which is based on official Formula 1 teams and reacting in cartoon style.
VR Karts (PS VR) — Classic Mario Kart clone, which is only playable in VR.

Other alternatives of Nintendo rows

Nintendo makes very popular video games, but the in-house ranks do not create it on the PS4 or Xbox One. These include the Legend of Zelda games. On game pro.DE you will therefore find a list of 30 Zelda alternatives for PS4, Xbox One but also the switch.

Do you still have fun-racer recommendations? Which are your favorites?