Messi calls from the ranks BVB

Between 2010 and 2014, Robert Lewandowski had always been cheered by the Dortmund Fans char, then the pole was known to support the jersey of the BVB. Since then, Lewy professional is Bavaria and just meets the ex-club extremely regular.

After his double pack at the 3: 2 of Saturday, the plenty of penalty frustration at the Westphalia around the coach Marco Rose directed by the field, he has now already met in 15 duels with the BVB 22 times — six times in the youngest three games alone.

Nagelsmann: It all has heard him rather

On Saturday, many fans received the striker with provocations. From the ranks, Messi, Messi language choirs were heard, which of course aimed at the balloon d’or choice of Monday.

Lewandowski could not be distracted, but rather celebrated his two goals with the colleagues and the victory, which enhanced the Bayern lead at the top of the table at the top of four points on pursuer Dortmund.

He did the goals that were mostly significant, said his coach Julian Nagelsmann after the final whistle at SKY. But he also had other winner actions. That he can shoot goals, we all know.

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And, says Nagelsmann in the direction of the calling BVB fans: He then also has a bit back with the Stadium with the Messi calls and many other things that can be heard and that happen in the grandstands. Which things he said, the FCB coach left open. But what it was: He has that, I believe, not disturbed, he has decided the game. That’s what it was more likely.