The Game Awards Geoff Keighley denounces Activision Blizzard in turn

Producer, presenter and principal representative of Game Awards, the ceremony that celebrates and rewards the video game every end of the year in December, Geoff Kafka split from a message to confirm the absence of Blizzard Activision on the program of this year.

Well, that’s not quite exact since the publisher is still represented by Call of Duty War zone who struggles for the title of the best game in progress and by the franchise Call of Duty More generally in the category of the best Esport game. Apart from these few numerous appointments for such a publisher, Geoff Kafka, however, ended up taking a position by promising that no one from Activision Blizzard will come to plumb the atmosphere of the evening.

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Beyond nominations, I can confirm that Division Blizzard will not be part of the Game Awards this year. Game Awards are an opportunity to celebrate this industry, the largest form of entertainment in the world. There is no No room for abuse, harassment or predatory practices Whatever the company or community. I also realize that we have a large platform that can accelerate and inspire change. We commit ourselves, but we must All work together to build a better and inclusive environment, so everyone feels safe to create the best games in the world, posted Geoff Kafka.

And too bad if Rob Ostrich, the president of activism, is the first name to appear when consulting the composition of the Game Awards Advisory Committee. The release of Geoff Kafka is an extension of the comments made by Jim Ryan, Phil Spencer and Doug Bowler, the representatives of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, who have all arrested the direction of Activision Blizzard with regard to the overwhelming reports on a Corporate culture undermined by harassment and discrimination cases, with sometimes the complicity of the highest spheres of management.