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At Mobile Treaty, there are just two deals that you will find anywhere else. You get 8 GB of data volume including Flat for only 7.99 euros per month. For 16 GB of data volumes, of course also including Flat, you even pay only 12.99 euros per month.

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16 GB Data Volume + Flat: So good is the offer

The offer is currently unbeatable. Even contracts with 15 GB data volume are otherwise going on from 13.95 euros per month. The special thing is that Mobile Treaty.DE here on the normal 10 GB tariff simply packs another 6 GB above. So if you are looking for a properly comprehensive mobile phone contract, you are here at the right address.

An All net Flat for telephony and SMS is of course also available. By the way: Your phone number You can take a relaxed free. Just give it in the order process, then Handicraft.de takes care of everything else.

The contract includes a connection price in the amount of 19.99 euros. For this you are not tied to no runtime and cancel monthly. Do you want to save the connection price, you should decide for the option with a minimum contract period from 24 months ?

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Now 16 GB data volume for only 12.99 Euro MTL. To back up

Alternative: 8 GB Data Volume + Flat for only 7.99 euros MTL.

If you are looking for a slightly smaller contract, this alternative could be something for you. 8 GB Data volume are not little and for 7.99 euros a month You currently get nowhere more than mobile contract.DE.

The conditions are the same as the upper offer. You can cancel the contract monthly if you paid the connection price of 19.99 euros. You can save this if you sign directly for at least two years.

To the provider

The supplier Mobile Treaty.DE is part of the renowned drill online group. This is a reputable provider. Fear of hidden costs or similar angry can you save here. With Mobile Treaty, you are surfing in fast and stable network of Telefonica.

Here are the offers of mobile phone contract.DE

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