Nam Gong Hoon Games featuring aggregated stresses

[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Finally, the aggregated history of the game has grown up on his own and spreading the power to his strength.

In order to focus on capabilities as a future initiative center of Cacao, the former representative of Nam Gong Hewn, who resigned the Cacao Games CEO, an Exceeded Table. It is a key to spreading the know-how accumulated through the game business to non-game fields.

Through the Facebook on the 10th, the game was a long ago, B2C2C and UCC. The game has been created for the Chapter, The game was made of the Chapter, I wrote it to expand.

It is a great transformation, but it is a great transformation, but it is still a great transformation, but it is still a great transformation, but it is still a great transformation. The enemy approach is lacking. B2B2C is only approaching, and B2C2C approach is not visible, he added.

Encryption is also changing through the game. In addition to the P2E (Play to Earn), it is a game technology, such as M2E (Move to Earn), Train earning, Capital beneficiaries of digital trends are spread to the public.

The public that stayed in consumers is changing to digital producers, and digital content is a part-time job that the public will be approaching, and he will be trouble.

Kids are recreating Squid Game. A 14-year old is facing surgery.

According to this change, the game industry is not only growing on themselves, but also to innovate the entire digital industry, This is a true meaning of a Beyond Game.

Meanwhile, former CEO of Nam Gong Hewn has been appointed at the Cacao Future Initiative Center on the first day. He is a policy to speed up the integrated roadmap for the integrated roadmap, such as Global Market and Future Excavation for the Future of the Cacao Community with Kim Bum — Sew, and the Future Food Excavation.