FIFA 22 Icon Swaps when does the FUT event come out Filtration of rewards by tokens

We are preparing for the next FIFA 22 event and, if the accounts do not fail us, it will have to be the arrival of the icon swaps. On this occasion, it seems that the forecasts will not fail, although with EA Sports you never know. While we expected the Freeze event a few days ago, it has been changed by versus, which includes fire and ice cards, as if they were Pokémon.

The fact is that the icons are special letters and have not yet given up with them at Ultimate Team. If we look at Back, last year the SWAPS icon on December 11 was launched, so we are on the margin to arrive this week, probably on Friday, December 17.

What are the SWAPS icons?

In case you are new at FIFA or you do not know what we are talking about, Icon swaps or icons exchanges are a promotion to get tokens through special challenges that will appear in the Objectives tab, very similar to the usual ones. The rewards are unknown players with low stockings that, in reality, are letters of exchange. The more we have, the better the rewards or the level of the icons will be.

How do I prepare for the event?

If we follow the steps of other years, there are many tokens that are achieved through live friendly, with certain requirements. It is important that you have several first acquisition players, as well as good footballers of the five main leagues, as well as other championships such as the Argentine, Brazilian or Belgian, for example. They usually ask to score or give a certain number of assistance with footballers of championships or concrete nationalities.

While there is nothing official, Insiders as the well-known Duckquackk, quite accurate in these lids, it would have filtered what the icons would be in this first round of tokens exchanges and how many of these we would need to add one of these legends to our teams. The results are the following:

2 tokens: over twenty-five players +81 on average
3 tokens: envelope twenty-five players +82 on average
5 tokens: over twenty-five players +83 on average
6 tokens: Iker Middle Cadillac
7 tokens: Rio Ferdinand Middle
8 tokens: Baby / Medium Icon
9 Tokens: Marc Over mars Prime
10 tokens: envelope medium insured icon
11 tokens: Marcel Detail medium
12 tokens: Alessandro del Piero Baby
13 Tokens: Envelope medium icon +89 insured
14 Tokens: Player Pick icon Baby or Medium
14 Tokens: Gianluca Ambrosia Prime
16 Tokens: Envelope Medium Icon or Prime Insured
17 Tokens: Player Pick Icon Baby, Medium or Prime Insured
17 Tokens: Wayne Rooney Medium.