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Fractured is a new sandbox MMORPG, which has successfully financed via Kickstarter. Now it has won a publisher and plans his beta for early 2022. Random was able to talk to JaCoCo Pietro Malleoli, the CEO of Dynamic Studios, about the current state of the game and the general hurdles of the sandbox genres.

What is fractured for a game? Fractured is a sandbox game that reminds us in its basic features on Ultimo online. You are experiencing the MMORPG in the ISO perspective and should be able to play basically, whatever you want. Fractured puts on a very special concept.

There are 3 playable peoples, each corresponding to your game types:

Anyone who plays a badge lives on a planet on which there are only EVE content.
Who selects a person who gets a planet with limited PVP and a Karma system for Grief.
Who plays a demon, enters a world that only turns around PVP. Here are constant action and full-loot in focus.
Each planet has its own biomes, assets and adapted geography. However, it will not be possible to switch between the planet back and forth.

Fractured also waives fixed classes and offer you a talent tree instead. There you can distribute the earned points after your wishes and suitable for your game style. The MMORPG also wants to reduce the grind aspect by constantly inviting you to explore and kill new monsters through a knowledge system to level your skills instead of always experiencing the same activities.

In the endgame, the cities are in focus, which can be controlled by different guilds and conquered in the PVP. There should be 30 big and over 90 small towns to fight the players.

A first insight into the gameplay and the contents of Fractured delivers this video from the YouTuber DOG:

In which state is fractured at present? Currently the sandbox MMORPG is in an alpha stage and can be tested there at specified times. There is a guaranteed access via founder packages, with Fractured in itself becoming a buy2play game. In some tests, however, all registered players can participate.

For the first quarter of 2022, the first beta is also planned, as JaCoCo Pietro Malleoli, the CEO of the developer Dynamic Studios, revealed. The beta is also aimed at buyers of the founding package.

In the implementation and the upcoming release, developers will help the German company Amigo in the future, which has officially announced on December 15 to take over the publishing of the MMORPG.

As part of this announcement, we could also lead an interview with Malleoli. We asked him about the typical problems of sandbox games, EVE and PVP content as well as the influence of Amigo.

A new tutorial and quest beyond to not lose newcomers

MEMO: Sandbox MMORPGs are critically seen by some players. There is too much to do, but you do not know where to start and what it actually is to do. Many lose motivation before they have played the content correctly. What do you want to do that players lose the orientation?

Malleoli : That’s a very good question, because many new players used to sandbox MMOs and come to fractured now have exactly this problem. We had already implemented a tutorial that was helpful in this regard. But it is not enough to teach just how the progression works in a sandbox MMO. Many are still lost.

We are currently revising the tutorial, which should actually be done before the start of the beta. This will take place on your own islands and become more profound and fun.

And then we plan some quests that the players lead beyond the tutorial and show what the main activities are in the game when you want to progress. Namely, the exploration of new areas, defeating creatures to unlock new skills, the connection to a city and acquire a property and so on.

It is important to give such a guide that goes beyond the tutorial. Of course, this can not go on forever, otherwise we would not be with a sandbox MMORPG, but I think the most important thing is that players really understand what the activities are in the game and what they should do if they complete the tutorial to have.

Worlds complete without PVP or with full-loot

MEMO: Many players are also critical to the PVP. In your original announcement it was said that there should also be a little PVP with the Eastman. Can you explain the more detailed, and what is generally available to PVP content?

Malleoli : The basic concept of fractured there is therefore that there are 3 worlds. Each of these worlds has other rules what PVP is concerned. So players have the choice. You can play about the evil demons, where there are basically no rules. There, there are full-Loot-PvP everywhere.

The opposite of it are then the beasts, the good quasi. You can not attack other players, except coordinated duels. This is the ideal decision for players who like Sandbox and RPGs, with the PVP but can not do anything. In other sandbox games, it is often so that you spend the first hours in the EVE, but then must play in the endgame PVP. In the world of beasts, however, you can experience the complete character development without being involved in non-consuming PVP.

And then there is still the middle level, the human planet. There is the possibility to become criminal, but also a punishable system, if you decide. You can be killed there from a bounty hunter and then ends up in a prison. An actual physical prison created by the players who belong to the city. And there you have to spend a certain number of hours or buy yourself for a lot of money. But in this world theoretically, there is the possibility that one is killed by other players. That happens rather rare.

Mango: And is there then full-loot in the people world?

Malleoli : We are currently discussing that. It used to be so planned that Synthesia full-loose is also in the human world. In the last test we made some adjustments. We changed it from full-loot to the loss of the inventory. The loss of equipment, on the other hand, should depend on how bad the call is. The bushes the players were, the more of the equipment is lost. But we are still working to find the right balance.

This planet is actually the hardest, because the other two are clear: no PVP and full-loot PVP.

Pre-engage relies on world bosses, events and a lot of exploration

MEMO: What can EVE players hope? What’s the gameplay loop and the endgame?

Malleoli : For EVE players I would say, especially the world bosses are the biggest. They will be really hard. You will meet you in higher-level areas. At some point we will have more, after the complete publication, because that has not so high priority.

But we will implement things like dungeons and more world bosses. At the moment we have not planned any content such as Raids, which is usually found in theme park games, but our world is already very demanding for themselves. There are also world events where different creatures suddenly appear, and you have to defeat.

Then you can still look for chests in the world and Loren. We will remove the whole system. The game is not for nothing as Dynamic. We try to constantly change the world so that you always have a reason to explore areas because you can find interesting events that were not there the day before.

30V30 battles around cities are an important endgame content — this is how it works

MEMO: An important component of the PVP are the battles around towns in the game world. Are there those in the people world?

Malleoli : Absolutely, a big focus is on the fight city against city and guild against guild. You can beside a city and bring catapults while the defender can build-ups. As an attacker you have to fall into the city, conquer banners and control points. The whole system was inspired by games like Shadow Pain.

MEMO: A big problem with fighting for territories is the balance between the guilds. In New World, for example, often a faction dominates, from other games I also know that a mass log has many cities owned. What do you do so that your game holds the balance?

Malleoli : When it comes to area control, then I find, the managing of cities is already difficult enough. It is time-consuming, and you would need an impossible number of players to control many cities.

There are also hard requirements for the citizens to liven up a city. These restrictions are already anchored in the mechanics of the game. In addition, fighting in large groups is not so advantageous in fractured. Because in the PVP areas there are Friendly Fire, at least with the AOE skills. So if you shoot a fireball and that leads to an explosion, you hurt your friends as well as his enemies.

MEMO: As if I always accidentally violate players?

Malleoli: If you participate in PVP, no matter if you were attacked or the attacker are, then you have friendly fire. Who was not flagged as a man for the PVP and not attacked that violates other players not using AOE.

You see the way already in the first videos to Fracture. You never really a group of 20 players that move side by side. If there are too many players in one place, they would kill himself with important skills. Therefore, players tend to spread out, and I think that’s an important point to which we can keep the player numbers in balance.

Mango: How runs with a siege exactly from? Did the Guild time to respond to a declaration of war?

Malleoli: Yes, they have. To pay when one declares a siege, you have to first with gold, the game currency. Then two or three days time when we have to decide exactly on the preparation phase. In the final test, there were two days when you could build a defender a wall. Mainly it is but at the attackers to bring the siege to the area.

Once the preparation is over, the battle can begin. Once the battle begins, only a limited number of participants may be the fight there. Anyone who is not among the attackers or defenders will be thrown out of the city. Currently, the fight size 30 to 30, but we could also make greater the number currently.

During the battle, the attackers have to conquer an hour to the town hall. For this, the walls must be destroyed which is only possible with catapults. Attacks from players or magic does not help. If you manage to conquer the city hall, winning the attackers. Is over an hour, the defenders win.

Did the attackers taken the city, all previous citizens are kicked out of this and the city will elect a new mayor.

In addition to the conquest there is also a raid system. If a guild launches an attack on a city, they only get resources and gold. The city has not enough of it, it is reduced one level. To explain the whole system, but would now take too much time. But we always work hard to improve the fighting and the way checkpoints work. A basic version of it was playable but at the last test.

Two planets are still missing, but there are new areas and over 300 hours of content

Mango: In the summer of 2020, we have had with you an interview, and then you have presented to us the basic game content undSpatialOS that used by you miracle technology in more detail. What has changed in the 1.5 years since we last spoke?

Malleoli: A lot. In addition to the new publishing partnership, I would say that the game’s development is well advanced, although we still find ourselves in the alpha phase. We have implemented most of the core functions, apart from the two other planets and the two peoples.

The urban system, however, was greatly expanded in comparison to 2020, with the big PVP battles and sieges. We have also made a graphical update, with a post-processing shader beginning of 2021, which has improved the content and beautiful performance.

We have greatly expanded the number of skills and character progress. There is a new talent tree, and we have the number of skills tripled I think. We also have new world bosses, called legends introduced, where you can gain additional knowledge.

In addition, we have revised the way the continent. The base of the continent is now generated procedurally, but the points of interests on the map are handmade. And we have increased the number of these handmade areas fivefold or even tenfold.

Together with the engineers of Improbable, the developers of Spatial OS, we have implemented a more stable and more powerful version.

Those were the most important changes. Overall, we have tried Fractured about a point to make, are attended by about 300, 400 hours of content available, until one completes his character learned all the skills and the equipment brought to the highest possible level.

amigo has no influence on monetization or store content

Mango: Now you’ve already mentioned the cooperation with the German company amigo. What is the reason for cooperation and what you hoped you about it?

Malleoli: We were our community towards getting that we were open to the fact in search of a publisher. We have called for always two reasons.

Of course, one is financing in order to be able to expand our team. We were always able to provide us with our revenue from the sales of founders. That was fine, but has never allowed us to extend our team to more employees than 7 or 8.

The second reason is that we had no internal skills to operate marketing. We were always very weak when it came to decent PR and community management. It’s just crazy to manage a large MMORPG with 7 or 8 people. And we also had no financial opportunities to implement marketing campaigns.

For these two reasons, we have always searched for a publisher who supports us before the release and has great experience with PR, marketing and community management, as Amigo, who dealt very intensively with MMOs.

Everything was very well fit, especially because of the experience and sheer size, which has the publisher. The story with us and Amigo is enough for some time, until 2017. It was the very first publisher who turned to us to talk about a possible partnership. They have followed the development of the game, themselves tested and given feedback for 3 years before we have actually completed a contract in the summer of 2021.

Mango: And what is changing now by Amigo for the players? Will you remain true to your payment model? And has the cooperation impact on the In game shop?

Malleoli : The business model will not change. It is still planned to be a buy2play title with founding packages, as it is now the case. And also as far as the creative direction is concerned, we have full control over it. Of course, we discuss with Amigo when it comes to things like monetization, but they have never tried to impose things that we did not even plan.

Fractured is a buying game with an item shop in which cosmetic content is sold, and a VIP subscription that holds discounts, cosmetic and non-cosmetic content, some small-time savings and convenience, but no extra power.

It depends on mainly of players who have less time, and that was always the plan and that was always said, even already to the Kickstarter start. However, we have not yet set complete content for the VIP subscription [Editor’s note: According to FAQ, there should be an increased increase in Knowledge Points that are important for the talent tree, as well as other vanity rewards ].

MEMO: You have said in the last interview that you depend on the publisher, whether your starts on Steam or not. Is there a new state now?

Gazelle : So far, the plan is not to wait for Steam during the beta. Then we will see. I think we’ll probably appear on Steam, but it will happen later. When we were alone, our plan was to appear on Steam at some point during the beta, but since we now have the support of a publisher, we can move the Steam launch to a time when the game is already more complete.

The beta starts in Q1 2022, the full release could take place at the end of 2022

MEMO: Can you tell us more accurate details about the start of the beta? Or even to release?

Gazelle : I can not reveal the exact start of the beta, but in the best case you should start in Q1 2022. We have not set a precise date yet. But yes, Q1 it will, probably.

And what the full publication is concerned, I would say, so at the end of 2022. But there it is already more difficult to give an estimate. We still need at least 6 months to data. This is especially due to the introduction of the new planets. This is the biggest thing that requires a lot of work in terms of artistic design and building the world.

Developers have analyzed the market, fighting against dull grind and PVP compulsion

MEMO: The market of the sandbox MMORPGs and also the MMORPG generally is heavily competitive. What do you think why fractured has succeeded?

Gazelle : Fractured has many unique contents in my opinion. When we developed fractured at the beginning of 2017, we have accurately analyzed the market of sandbox games to find the largest pitfalls.

One of the biggest problems we have identified was the amount of Grind, the players had to go through in sandboxes. For the uplift of things you had to repeat the same action over a very long period of time, often in the same area. It was even so boring that one often switched to a macro because it just does not have fun.

Also, Ultimo Online, a game that I give up to this day is such a game. It has exactly this kind of fall knit, and the progression does not fun.

We have developed a completely new type of progression with the Knowledge system and the fact that you have to learn knowledge. You can not always learn this knowledge from the same creature, but must actually move in the world and learn the capabilities of creatures. The system is too big to explain it completely, but it should give incentives to explore and ensure that it is meaningless to stay in the same place for four days.

In addition, the system is designed to be competitive in a short time. So you can participate in high-ranking PVP and high-ranking challenges after a few days. Of course, you are not as effective as an experienced player, but you can achieve a usable level.

Another thing is of course PVP. We have already talked about that you can completely do without a planet. This is an advantage of fractured.

MEMO: Thank you for taking the time for the interview!

What do you say about fractured? Talk to you the concept of the sandbox MMORPG or are you quite scared off? What do you think well, and what bothers you to the ideas? Write it in the comments.

Already in June 2020 we had written by Mango a view report on fractured. You can read that here:

The MMORPG Fractured could be the next Ultimo online