NBA Kevin Durant not stop again Brooklyn Nets defend late Philadelphia 76ers late

Thanks to Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets also brought the fourth victory in series with Kevin Durant without eight players, including James Harden. At the 114: 105 success, it is once more KD, which prevents a late comeback of the guests and at the end of a further MVP performance can be delivered.

Brooklyn Nets (21-8) — Philadelphia 76ers (15-15) 114: 105 (Box score)

KD ISN'T FAIR! Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season
At the Mixers, the worm is in it. After home to decimated Miami Heat, there was also a defeat against a Nets team in the Barclay Center, which had to give up equal to eight players. An arrow was Brooklyn but in the quiver and that was of course Kevin Durant, who tore the game in the final phase, when Philadelphia got operated.

11 of its 34 points (13/24 FG, 11 rebounds and 8 assists) achieved KD in the last five minutes of the game, including a threesome with foul at a tender. In the following attack Durant made the right read and found out of the Double Team 73 seconds before the end of Blake Griffin at the triple line, also the hit — the decision. Griffin rubbed itself defensively against Joel Embed, in 32 minutes, the 32-year-old set up a seasonal session of 17 points (7/16 FG) and 9 rebounds.

Philadelphia came after an interim 20-point residue, especially thanks to Embed (32, 11/20 FG, 9/11 FT, 9 rebounds, 6 assists) and Seth Curry (29, 13/21 FG) back to the game, however Has the battered Tyree Malay missed. Tobias Harris (11, 3/17 FG) met almost nothing in his homeland.

The big problem was Philadelphia’s Defense, Already in the first quarter, the Mixers approved 65 percent out of the field. Brooklyn let the ball run, and again open shooters were found. Already after twelve minutes, the hosts had collected 10 assists, the buzzer beater of Rookie Cam Thomas at the end of the first quarter was a good example of the handsome game of Nets, resulting in a 39: 25 leadership.

Kevin Durant counters Joel Embed and Seth Curry

The Mixers acted lethargic, even if it could be shortened to -10 in the meantime. Brooklyn, however, immediately had an answer, with a 12: 2 run around Durant and Thomas, the hosts played their highest leadership of the evening. But this melt together slowly together.

Embed and Curry now tore the events that duo posted in the third quarter of the 31 points of the guests. Especially Embed finally used its economies of scale against the thinned Nets-frontcourt, in which NIC Clayton (17, 8/9 FG) with 4 fouls had to quickly on the bank. At the start of the fourth quarter, the guests were so back on 6 counters, even because finally stops get.

And yet the Nets stopped at their leadership, Philadelphia left several opportunities for the lead, instead, on the opposite side Durant his first threesome of the evening. Only three minutes before the end of Embed, who now delivered a private duel with Durant. The Nets star countered with an attached threesome about Harris, the KD also foul. Little later, the game was decided as a grip.

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Curios, however, it was still again. At a residue of 9 meters and 3 seconds on the clock, Sixers-Coach Doc Rivers took a break to form a zero with the fingers compared to the reference. Background of the action was that Brooklyn did not begin a rule violation in the fourth neighborhood, Rivers did not want to leave that.