Est E Collage Y U-GI

One Piece (Jap. One Piece (ワンピ ワンピ ワンピ), Wan Pius) is a company-based worldwide effective Manganese of the Japanese Managua Ericeira Odd because 1997, which is likewise executed for TV and also movie theater as an anime. She has been released weekly in Human Shōnen Jump weekly. The private chapters are also published in accumulating investing bundled by Chumash, which damaged numerous records in the publication, consisting of the greatest start-up of a publication in Japan and the initial publication that has actually offered greater than three million copies. With greater than 460 million duplicates supplied worldwide at December 2019, of which concerning 390 million in Japan, it is the very popular managerial of history.

The power of nostalgia can never be underestimated, and Pokémon know that as well as yu-gi-oh. Throughout the decades, the two franchises have increased and decreased in popularity, but their legacy looks perfect at this time. From card games to television and video game programs, the properties are thriving, so, of course, some fans want to see Pokémon and yu-gi-oh cozy with each other. And thanks to a beautiful work of art, we can see what this type of collaboration would be like.

As you can see below, the work of art is courtesy of Slifertheskydragon in Deviant Art. It was there where the artist gave him the opinion of him on a Pokémon x yu-gi-oh crossover, and the epic piece makes the fans ask what a franchise it would come out at the top.

The crossover faces some of Pokémon monsters more famous against his counterparts at yu-gi-oh universe. For example, Harvard is one of the most popular monsters in Pokémon, so it makes sense for him to fight against the white dragon of blue eyes on this piece. The same can be said about Rayquaza and Silver The Sky Dragon, etc.

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In fact, this piece centered on the dragons gives life to some truly wild duel monsters, and everyone is fighting for Pokémon legendary beasts. Now, the only question that is left is what Roster will win. Could Pokémon The rare monsters defeat this yu-gi-oh do get in a row? Or the Yuri cards would send these Pokemon to Nurse Joy after being KO?

For now, it depends on the fans to decide the result. Pokémon and yu-gi-oh I’ve never played with a data crossing, and Internet users do not expect that to change soon. But thanks to works of art like this, we can imagine what could happen if the IP stars united for once.

What do you think of this epic? Pokémon x yu-gi-oh transversal? Should the franchises soon start a real crossover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @meganpeterscb.