NBA News Dallas Mavericks take Isaiah Thomas under contract

Isaiah Thomas has found a new preliminary residence after his short stopover at the Los Angeles Lakers. The Point Guard has signed a tent hon agreement at the Corona Decimated Dallas Mavericks.

Isaiah Thomas Signs a Contract With The Dallas Mavericks!
This first reported Shams Catania ( the athletic ), a little later, the Mass officially confirmed the newcomer. The 32-year-old celebrated his debut for Dallas at night on Thursday against the Sacramento Kings. In 13 minutes of use, he came to 6 points (3/8 FG) and 4 assists.

Thomas, who was an MVP candidate with the Celtics a few years ago, but then fell completely out of the league due to a heavy hip injury, struggled for a long time a comeback in the NBA. In mid-December, this dream fulfilled when the Lakers undertook him under contract for ten days. For purple and gold, in four inserts, he set up 9.3 points on average at 30.8 percent out of the field, but almost as many turnover (1.3) as assists (1.5) and was defensively prone.

After the end of the Testate Treaty, he did not receive a connection contract from the Lakers. For this, the Mass have now struck, also under the hardship exception after Dallas had to complain of several failures due to the Corona wave grassy in the NBA.

This month alone, nine MASS players had to go to the Health Protocol of the League, including Franchise Star Luka Ionic, Maxi Keeper or Reggie Bullock. The latter is now back, but on Wednesday, Center Bob an Markovic and Guard Brandon Knight had to go to the Corona protocol.

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Thomas had recently taken care of 42 points in the G-League for a stir, shortly afterwards he signed the Lakers. After 19 meters in his Saigon debut for L.a. He then achieved only 13, 3 and 2 points in weak quotas and almost 25.3 minutes per game. The Mass hoped by Thomas a scoring boost from the back court to better cope with the numerous failures.