Hardcore shooter is 2022 the biggest game on Twitch – could take Gaming but

As in the past 3 years, the hardcore shooter Escape from Markov (PC) of the year 2022 also the biggest game in the world on Twitch. Markov GTA Online and LoL has overtaken at the seen hours in the last 7 days. The Streamer Disrespect says: Escape from Markov could take over the whole gaming, if it were not a big problem at the beginning.

How strong is Escape from Markov on Twitch?

Barnstorm. The Russian hardcore shooter has overtaken the long-running GTA 5, LoL and Valorant times just right. In the last 7 days no play on Twitch was more seen as an escape from Markov. The audience of Markov increased in the last 7 days 126% — in the last 30 days by as much as 637%.
Markov was seen 37,340,000 hours long in 7 days — more than 13 million hours GTA 5 17 million hours more than LoL.
As every year, is the leading streamer at Markov the Australian Testily. He has completely dedicated to Escape from Markov. But it also streams people like summit1g or shroud the shooter. And Disrespect looks pure.

twitch Drops fire up again rise of Shooters on Twitch 2022

Why is that? It’s so that escape from Markov takes the lead on Twitch since 2019 at the end of the year, This is because the game in front of the Year traditional twitch Drops donated and the look of Markov particularly worthwhile:

Escape from Markov wiped so that all has to start over on a regular basis the full game. This leads to a boost in interest. Wipe the last was on 12 December. Since there was a peak at the player numbers.
From 28 December to 8 January, players can get the twitch Drops. 28 December was the beginning of the wedding of Escape from Markov on Twitch in the 2021st
This year, all editions of Markov also 25% cheaper.

It has somehow naturalized so that in the last weeks of December Markov lands on the menu of Twitch streamer. While the game does not matter for most of a year on Twitch, the viewership race of the year upwards.

Disrespect criticized scabby weak phase after each Wipe

What does Disrespect from to escape Markov? The actual chronically dissatisfied Disrespect is also in Markov fever. He explains:

People, I think it’s fun. I think it would play even more people, but there is this great barrier. Honestly, the only would this change one thing and the game would [the gaming world] to accept.


As difficulty Disrespect sees the initial phase after each wipe, start the player with nothing and their characters are weak:

Each time one from back to Escape Markov comes or when he plays for the first time, he has to go through this bad part. Your character feels lame and slow, you wrestle constantly for breath. I know if you Level, that will change, but everyone wonders: When am I finally put through?

It is difficult, and it is said that anyone who is not 24 hours a day grinder, is at a disadvantage. Immediately. It’s not fun, and it makes the game less fun. That’s that’s the only thing that really needs to change Markov.


But Disrespect admits that such a change would likely happen to the brutal hardcore nature of the shooter. Which would have made the game as they see fit — that he also accept. Disrespect really says he likes Markov and do not begrudge the shooter more players. But this barrier prevents just the big success.

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