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Actually, the new Marvel movie Möbius should come to cinemas after some shifts on January 28, 2022. But as Sony’s Pictures announced, the fans have to be comfortable or evil a little longer. The premiere is delayed for another time.

When is Möbius go to the cinema?

According to the information provided by Sony Pictures, the Marvel film Möbius will now start on April 1, 2022, in the cinemas. This means a shift of almost three months. It is the new US appointment, whether it also applies to Germany, is not known yet. However, it can be assumed that Möbius will come to the cinemas later in this country.

Why was Möbius postponed?

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Sony Pictures did not call a concrete reason for the renewed shift. However, it is assumed that the delay is in conjunction with the Corona pandemic. Due to the rapid rapidly spreading Omicron variant, there are already far-reaching restrictions in numerous countries, which include, among other things, the cinema operation. With the shift in April Sony Pictures, Sony Pictures hopes for a theatrical release in again something calmer times.

What’s in Möbius?

In the movie everything revolves around the biochemist Michael Möbius (Buy Now), who is looking for a remedy for his blood disease with a kind of vampires. As a result, he receives superhuman powers, but at the same time suffers a permanent thirst for blood. This lively holds very conflict potential.

In the main role of Michael Möbius is the actor Jared Leto to see. Also included are Adriatic Arjuna as Martine Bancroft and Matt Smith as Louis Crown. Directed by Marvel Film Daniel Espinosa, which has already made a name for himself with Safe House and Life.

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