Rummenigge: There is therefore only Bayern as master since 2013

… The Guidance and also Exemption Player Thomas Müller, Manuel New, Robert Lewandowski:
Thomas Müller appeared of his very own spawn. Van Goal has actually made us a real present, since he had the nerve to cast Müller with 18 years. They keep in mind just how he stated in his inimitable way: Müller always plays!

To dedicate Manuel brand-new and also Robert Lewandowski, we had to increase incredibly much power. I remember a game where UPI as well as I almost ended up when the southern contour came the tracks and posters: ‘Koan New’. We shed 1: 0, which has actually annoyed us anyway, but what made us really mad, these posters were out of the contour. That’s why I went to the taxi after the game — just in our and also then over to the locking space of Schalke 04. There was Horst Held, I asked if I need to chat shortly with Manuel. He looked something shocked, but let me provide me. After that Manuel showed up. I said, ‘I want to ask forgiveness for the habits of the viewers. This is not the opinion of the followers, that’s just the point of view of a specific group. We will have to analyze that.’ He replied he’s simply a question: ‘Do you and UPI Honey, that I’m coming?’ I addressed, ‘Yes, certainly!’ There he responded, ‘Then I’ll come.’

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… the ending in London:
On the way to the arena rested UPI, Jan Dressed and also I in the automobile. While driving, which took nearly a hr, has not said just a solitary word. We were all incredibly tense because we knew we had the punctured of 2012, as Dortmund the Double bolted on this day.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge over…

Together with UPI Honey, the Honorary President, he led and formed this club. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the previous board boss, recalls in conversation with the Robert Lewandowski to some narratives and also vital turning points, which paves the Bavarian success. To name a few points, the 66-year-old discusses what duty Franck Bribery, Louis van Goal, Java Martinez and Borussia Dortmund played.

That was a very tough transfer, Robert was free-free, however we had the biggest competition with Real Madrid.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

This is available in Europe, in this quality, barely.

Rummenigge concerning the quality of Bavaria trains

… the coaches in the past 10 years:
We had wonderful luck with the choice of our coaches. Take Louis van Goal — he was a good luck. No less complicated person, yet an extraordinary coach who had actually brought a brand-new ideology right into the club. He has actually raised our football to a new degree After that Jump Dances, that might cultivate the game of van Goal once more a piece and also joined the team behind him. The maybe the biggest tactician in the world came to Bavaria: Pep Guardiola.

… the crucial period 2011/12:
The beginning is in 2012, when we were two times 2nd, defeated in the organization of Dortmund, in the Mug 2: 5 shed the last and lastly the ‘Final Idahoan’. We were very let down, Jump Dances, UPI Honey and also me. This summer 2012, after all the frustrations, yet was essential, the club was in a dilemma situation, and we had to act.

… the transfer of Java Martinez:
We have been reviewing the dedication of Martinez for weeks. If we do that? Can we do that? All have stated that he is an excellent player, yet 40 million euros are madness. I then just had a concern to Jump who the player Best recognized. ‘Jump, does this player bring even more quality to our team?’ Jump claimed, ‘Yes clear.’ So we followed his guidance. That was a crucial indication inward and outside that FC Bayern pertains to a mood.

These instructors have actually made a large payment that the club is today like a ‘Shining Celebrity’ in the skies. With Van Goal, Dances, Guardiola, Flick and also Nagelsmann have five instructors in the last ten years with whom it had superb.

3 years later we could still dedicate the most effective demonstrator worldwide. We combated scary. Oddly also Matthias Summer, who complied with in 2012 on Christian Berliner as a sporting activities’ supervisor — as well as sitting on the opposite in Dortmund today. He has actually made a big payment that Robert pertained to Bavaria. That was an exceptionally tough transfer, Robert was free-free, yet we had the biggest competition with Real Madrid.

I congratulated him to the triumph as well as asked if he can still remember the talks from a couple of years back. ‘Yes, he claimed. In the biggest success, when he’s the mug, he currently assumed concerning the future.

… Club Philosophies:
You need a club that lives football as well as knows exactly how football ticks. You have to see all the clubs in Europe only: anywhere, where per football is functioned, is mostly effective. All over, where only per money is functioned It is challenging. There are no more many execs in the leading clubs that not just have football proficiency, but likewise tick football. I constantly claimed: Football First — even if the solution is a bit in problem. And if the stylish Success exists, after that it has to go with the evil one that no economic success complies with.

… holding to players:
If the FC Bayern has actually made a decision for a player, then the club additionally tries to advertise and create it. In other clubs will certainly be in such Moments typically thought concerning whether one does not go back to capture the financial costs.

… teamwork with UPI Honey:
UPI and also I, as long as we were with each other, were additionally a various opinion. We claimed we do it. We stated have actually not coordinated.

Got the self-confidence in Munich: Leroy Sané. Imago Images/ Sven Simon

Globe record transfer for Bribery? After three hrs, the decision was we do not do it

In the current Monday version of the twist (or below in the magazine) reviewed a comprehensive report on the Bavarian prominence. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, UPI Honey, Herbert Gainer and also Other Matthews clarify why the Munich’s National Competitors is spared.

With Each Other with UPI Honey, the Honorary President, he shaped this club and also led. The beginning is in 2012, when we were two times 2nd, beaten in the organization of Dortmund, in the Cup 2: 5 shed the final and also finally the ‘Final Idahoan’. If the FC Bayern has chosen for a player, then the club also attempts to advertise and also develop it. There are now much longer so several execs in the leading clubs that not only have football knowledge, but likewise tick football. I will never forget: we had a chaos offer for Franck Bribery.

… the deal for Franck Bribery:
I will never ever forget: we had a chaos offer for Franck Bribery. We likewise mention a specimen and send out a signal to Spain, to England and so on that you can not locate the FC Bayern anymore Calling demands when you desire to acquire the best gamers. That’s the means today and also differentiates us extremely from all Bundesliga clubs as well as numerous in Europe.