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Project Zomboid: How to Varnishize Window

Project Zombie can sometimes be a brutal game. They will constantly find themselves in a less than advantageous situation. Whether you need to shorten a car to escape zombies, or need to turn lights to see, this game will constantly bring you to make the most of a bad situation. One way Project Zombie holds them on trot is that zombies break into their base at night. You can go to sleep in a safe house, but may wake up by unwanted guests. The best way to keep zombies away from their home, is to barricade the windows. Let’s go through how and why you want to do this.

How to barrack windows in Project Zombie

The actual effect of window bars is easy. As with many other things in the game, you only need to open the context menu of a window, and you should have a barricade option. Of course, you need real materials to avoid the window. The better the material is with which you barricade a window, the greater the chance that it is not broken by a Horde zombie.

The simplest barricade that you can throw on a window is a simple wooden barrier. To do this, you need a hammer, two nails and up to four wooden boards. You can fry a window with just one plank, but the more planks you use, the more difficult it will be for zombies to break. You do not need any skills to create this barricade.

Recently, Project Zombie has added two more barricade options. Both options are classified as metal barricades, but differ slightly in their operation. To build one of these pencil barriers, you need a welding torch and a welding mask. You can use these tools either a sheet metal or three metal bars to build the barricade. However, if you use the metal sheet, you can not see through the window as you would do with metal rods.

Both metal barricades have the same health, but to be able to see what’s outside before they barely expose, is a lot of advantage. When you remove metal barricades, you will receive resources used for your creation. However, they lose the nails when they tear down a wooden barrier. You need the tools with which you build the barricades to reduce them. If you have more problems with Project Zombie, read our other instructions.