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Nintendo Switch Alternative: As beautiful could a new PSP look like

While the PSP was a real success for Sony, the company was able to win the successor console, PS Vita, no flowerpot. Since then, Sony has no attention to the handheld market, which spends many fans sour. Two designers have now come together, and conceptual images created, which show how nice a modern version of the PSP could look like.

Beautiful than the switch? New PSP design looks fantastic

Although the Nintendo Switch can not record it in terms of hardware power with the PS5 or Xbox Series X | S, the console is a true bestseller. No wonder, after all, Nintendo not only has a variety of exclusive games in Petty, but practically the only serious handheld console on offer.

But what if Sony would try again on a new PSP, to which the fans have been waiting for several years? The Designer Andrea Gallatin and Nicola Menotti have thought about how a Modern Portable PlayStation Console might look — and their pictures show the switch in direct comparison ancient look:

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Even narrower, even smoother, even high quality — the concept of the two designers can really be seen. It looks almost like a modern smartphone whose design has been extended by some buttons and additional functions . Gallatin and Menotti have thought of a dock for connecting to the domestic television. In contrast to the switch, however, the handheld console is not vertically, but horizontally inserted into the slot to connect.

All pictures of the new PSP design at a glance

  • To the Instagram account of Nicola Menotti
  • To the Instagram account by Andrea Gallatin


New PSP as switch competitor? Currently, no sign of life from Sony

Although many PlayStation fans want Sony again trying to offer Nintendo in the handheld market the forehead, it seems to be currently not plans from the company in this regard . No wonder, at the moment Sony already has enough problems to continue the production of the PS5 and therefore keeps the PS4 still artificially alive.


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Whether Sony might not change his opinion on the topic in a few years, while remains to be waiting — but with the PS Vita, the Group seems to have burned the fingers so violently that a return to the handheld market seems unlikely.