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Impressive cosplay of TIFA from Final Fantasy 7

Warning: Can only identify less than 5000 characters

In the recent past dominated in the cosplay scene, especially trim as characters of The Witcher 3. But even away, these days can see some impressive cosplay . This does not least prove the latest costume from the well-known cladding artist Morgan.

Cosplay from the world of Final Fantasy 7

She has made the effort to produce a costume from FIFA Lockhart from the role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 . The result has recently published in the form of a photo via Instagram. As always, Morgan also has great attention to detail at this work.

This ranges from the right wig, about the combination of top and rock to the wicked gloves. How to show the comments on Instagram, The fans are very excited about this cosplay .

Who is FIFA?

FIFA Lockhart is an important character from the RPG Final Fantasy 7. It is a member of the Avalanche resistance group that goes against the unscrupulous Shira Group. Among other things, it stands to the protagonist Cloud at its confrontation with Sephiroth. Despite her fighter nature, she also has a very loving side.

Additional impressive cosplay

Over the past few weeks, there were numerous imposing cosplay from different computer and video games to see. These include, among other things, the magician Tries Marigold or Cirri from The Witcher 3. But also the Cosplay of Camus Ran from Metro id and Chung from Street Fighter 2 were definitely worth seeing.