Dungeon Fighter Online

Arkana Tactics: Rivol Bus, 5th Hidden Hero Eajis

Gatesville (Representative Tablet) said, Ar kana Tactics: Rib bus has conducted a global update on the 20th.

Through this update, the 5-star Hidden hero, ‘IRIS’ has emerged new. Basis has a strong remote attack capability with its self-ability to reinforced skills as a wizarded chill attribute hero. The hero can be obtained in the ‘Ives Special Dungeon’, which is opened until 13th of the next month. In the ‘Ives Special Dungeon’, you can acquire the debris of the ‘Lee’s debris’, which can also be replaced with a variety of items such as ‘Shining Hero Humor’ as well as the ‘EZS’ hero.

It was also made up of gaming improvement that reflects the opinions of users. In particular, every user who participated in invasion contents has been applied to the fitness of the invasion boss individually to receive reasonable compensation. In addition, the ability of some invasion heroes will be raised and included as a party after acquisition becomes difficult to acquire, resulting in a high power synergistic effect. ‘Hero Advanced Summon Mileage’ was also added. The mileage can be accumulated as ‘luxury summoning’, and can be accumulated as a summoned number of times, and can be exchanged for ‘shining forgotten souls’ that can grow Hidden hero.

The abundant event is opened to commemorate the update. The ‘Return User Mission Event’, which is held until the 21st of the next month, is sequentially opened for 7 days when the user connects to the game with a US-4-day period. Through this event, you can get a variety of compensation, such as ‘Random Major Aryan Humor’. The snow season is right, from 31st to the 21st of the month, the Tab! Tap! Events are progressing. On the event page in the game, you can tap the ‘Book’ to get a rich game good such as ‘Crystal’, ‘Gold’.

‘Ar kana Tactics: Rib bus’ is a strategic random defense RPG to develop Wiki Take Studios (representative Yuan) and services Com2S Platforms. It is characterized by a unique game property that strategically combines the heroes given by each wave, evolving into the hero of the upper step and utilizing various reproductions such as ‘Gem’, ‘Cube’. Detailed update content can be found through the official café.