Final Fantasy XIV

Like, no new main series final fantasy at Square

Life is Strange Remastered Collection, Babylon’s Case, Chocobo GP or ForSpoken, these are all titles to which the responsible persons of Square Enix by means of a blog post on the website of the Japanese manufacturer give a view. 2022 is here! A new year full of new experiences, new possibilities and – yes – new games. For Square Enix fans this will be a particularly exciting year, says on the website and then a look at a few titles will be Consoles and PC thrown to which you can look forward to 2022. It is noticeable, however: in the list is not a new main series Final Fantasy included – Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin and Chocobo GP are only offshoot and Final Fantasy VI Only a pixel Remaster. Are all the hopes for Final Fantasy XVI in 2022? No not really…

100% Square Enix Releases in 2022

On February 1, 2022, the LIFE IS Strange Remastered Collection appears, on the other hand on March 3, 2022, the Koop game Babylon’s case is left by the leash. The racing game Chocobo GP will be released on March 10, 2022 for the switch, and the other (non-mainline) Final Fantasy game, which finds in the post mention, is Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. The soulslike game is available from 18 March 2022. With Forspoken Frey, you can move to the Battle of Athia from May 24, 2022 .


Then the pixel Remaster series from Final Fantasy in February 2022 will still increase in the form of Final Fantasy VI. There are less accurate data so far for the Outrider’s WorldSlayer Expansion and Star Ocean The Divine Force; Both are planned for 2022. But… was that all?

How likely is Final Fantasy 16?

In several places of the contribution, it should be noted that the people of Square Enix still want to provide some surprises for you in the coming twelve months. In addition, the information in the contribution only [μm] is the top of our this year’s publishing iceberg!

OK. But what exactly awaits us if a Mainline Final Fantasy is there, be it Final Fantasy 16 or Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, we do not know that. The probability that one of them will appear this year, ie 2022, is jacket like pants. From Final Fantasy XVI, we have not seen any longer than a trailer – two years ago. And from Final Fantasy VII Remake part 2 there was still nothing to admire. The infolitage is therefore very modest in both games.

But we also know that there will be new information about FFXVI in spring 2022, which is confirmed. And we mention it again: Final Fantasy is 2022 35 years old . It would be very strange if there would not appear a game of the main series, right?