BVB: Zwayer leaves future open and wants to talk to Bellingham

The currently pausing referee Felix Player does not know if he will return as a Bundesliga referee.

I have a room in front of me, who has two doors. The one way leads me back to the football field, and the other way leads me into a great, fulfilled private life without this public, without this pressure, without this stress, said Player in an interview at SKY.

I’m going to make me the way. I will be completely free of time pressure, of content printing, can decide of financial pressure. About I’m very happy.

Player is currently not active as a referee, he had been severely criticized by the Bundesliga Model between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich (2: 3) at the beginning of December last year from Dortmund.

BVB midfielder Jude Bellingham had boldly attacked the 40-year-old. The Englishman had accused Player in allusion on the 17-year scandal around Robert Holder indirectly corrupt.

Player spoke in the interview from talking to the player. I would like to share with Jew Bellingham to exchange me on this topic.

The family father Player had recently reported violent insults and a murder threat.


To his current constitution he said, I am burdened. Mental and psychic. It is not a simple time and therefore, of course, the break because I can not do the responsibility to guide a Bundesliga game – not with the required strength, With the force, with the concentration, but also with the ease and joy that belongs.