“EQ” St. Brown and Nzeocha in the middle: “Relatively typical in the NFL”

At the beginning of this NFL season, the play-offs have not been the greatest destination of Equanimeous St. Brown and Mark NeoChat. The two German football professionals, who will face their teams in the famous Lambeau Field, are not even more in the cables at the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. The packers have sent EQ in the training team, need has even landed completely on the road. In the main phase of this season, just a little more than three weeks from Super Bowl in Los Angeles, both are there again and can dream of their own contribution to the championship. How can that be?

It is relatively typical in the NFL, explains ex-professional Sebastian Volume talking to the German Press Agency (DPA) and refers to the limit of 53 footballers in the squad. This is sometimes a strategy of teams that they need their substitutes or people who need them later in the season, I’ll tell them: Park on the street. And then, as in Mark’s situation, you quickly adjust.

If I’m done with football, I hope I can see and am proud of my career.

Equanimeous St. Brown, Wide Receiver of the Green Bay Packers

Because he keeps fit because he knows the game system and the coaches and the code words. This happens relatively often. NeoChat was finally brought to the training team on December 29, three days later, the 32-year-old has ended up again in the active squad for the first time.

Time to digest? A day

Hire and Fire – hire and fire – this is in the National Football League everyday life. So much that St. Brown has considered the situation at the end of August quite fast. Many people hurt themselves, and you always have to take people under contract to replace them on the injured list, says EQ, whose four-year contract expires at the end of the season.

Sometimes, therefore, players would have to go, whose skills do not help the team very much like that of another professionals. I do not know why so many players are always shocked how the business works. I always knew how it works. It makes sense for me, like the coaches and GM (General Manager, Note) doing.

Of course, St. Brown had not liked it, as his place took his place in the squad. How long have he needed for digesting? One day, he says. Then the look gone forward again. I just have to work hard and train hard. When I’m done with football, I hope I can look back and am proud of my career. I just have to keep my head down and work hard, he reaffirms.

Only recently returned to the squad of Miners: The born Attach Mark NeoChat. Imago images / icon SMI

EQ so far in the shadow of Monera

That the 25-year-old wide receiver was clear in the shadow of his younger brother Monera St. Brown (22), which has developed into an absolute Lions surprise rookie (about five touchdowns), must at all Nothing mean. The circumstances in every team are and other, small things have great effects.

Volume, who played his entire career for the New England Patriots and has won the Super Bowl twice as a protector of Quarterback Superstar Tom Brady, recalls a long encounter with the now 25-year-old EQ St. Brown about two years ago. I’ve been told then that he is coming to the number one receiver of the packers. I still have this wish and claim to him. Because he has absolutely the skills, says the 37-year-old. He has everything he needs for a grandiose, long career.