Rainbow Six Extraction Studies – Each study must be completed

Rainbow Six Extraction provides a collection of challenges that you need to master when you enter into incursions, and asks you to do everything from earning XP to killing enemies in a certain way or with a specific piece of equipment.

These tasks, which are referred to as studies, will be unlocked in succession if they complete each three-rate rate, and there are nine sentences for each region: New York City, San Francisco, Alaska and Truth & Consequences. In addition to earning a powerful dose XP after completion, everyone offers a code entry, which describes the places, the parasites or the Achaeans you visited by Rainbow Six Extraction, also a dose of tradition and world buildup.

Continue reading for a complete list of Rainbow Six Extraction Studies . The conclusion is the key to quickly earn milestones and operator XP in Rainbow Six Extraction and work on it, all that is offered to complete.

Rainbow Six Extraction Studies

Below you will find all studies on the extraction of Rainbow Six :

  • New York studies
  • San Francisco Studies
  • Alaska studies
  • Truth and Consequence Studies

New York studies

New York City has nine sentences of three studies that are as follows:

Introduction in nests

  • Look up – ping nest on walls or ceiling (five required)
  • Nest Popper – Kill nests (seven required)
  • Nest removal – Kill resting nests (three required)

Scouting ahead

  • Resource tagging – Ping different supply boxes (three needed)
  • Care – Use any command from the Chat Wheel (required)
  • Let it glow – make an enemy bioluminescence through a wall (three required)

Basics of killing

  • Primary practice – Achievement kills with your primary weapon (five required)
  • Secondary practice – Achievement kills with your secondary weapon (five required)
  • Warm running – get 15 kills or assists in a single attack (one required)

Grunt Management

  • Grunt Tagging – Ping an unsolicited Grunt (required)
  • Destination to the head – Kill Grunts with their vulnerabilities (five required)
  • Basic samples – Kill or help when killing Grunts (fifteen required)

Core performance

  • Checklist – Complete goals (three required)
  • Intel target 1 – Earn 11,000 EP
  • Exploration – Safe extract from the second side zone or later (one required)


  • Deploy cover – Set barricades or reinforcements (one required)
  • Silent – enemies secretly kill with TakeDowns (three required)
  • Well prepared – Kill or help kill enemies with an equipped oppressor (three required)

Spider studies

  • Smoke you – cover a spider with smoke (one required)
  • low-shot – Kills piker before firing oppression fire (three required)
  • exposed – kill spiders with their vulnerabilities while their head is unprotected (two required)

Basics of killing 2

  • Stay low – Get kills with firearms while they are (three required)
  • adapted – Get kills with an equipped muzzle crusher (three required)
  • High precision – Get kills through destructible surfaces (five required)

Power Check-in

  • Safety first – Fill a destination without a down-but not-out state (required)
  • all together – Complete three goals and extract with a complete squad (required)
  • Health-conscious – extract with at least 50% health and at least one completed destination (one required)

Studies in San Francisco

Most studies in San Francisco can be easily completed and are as follows:

Studies for defusing

  • defused – turn off Breaches or Bloaters (three required)
  • ATTENTION – Ping a non-alarmed Preacher or Bloater (required)
  • Listen to beating yourself – Kill enemies with PREACHER explosions (three required)

Target exercise

  • Boom specialist – kill enemies with explosives (10 required)
  • Hold, I am – kill enemies with an equipped holographic visor (five required)
  • Deadly Challenge 1 – Get 20 kills or assists in a single attack (one required)

Mean performance

  • Stay healthy – Have at least 60% health after completing a target (one required)
  • unbeatable – extract from the third subzone without down-but not-out state (required)
  • Intel target 2 – earn 25,000 EP

Corrosive friends

  • Keep it clean – kill a sludge without telling himself (one required)
  • Watch where you kill – Sludge skill or help to kill without being hit by them (one required)
  • in the walls – Sludge to the ceiling shoot or ping (one required)


  • Deadly Scanner – Get Scan Kills or Assists (Five Required)
  • Dedicated scanner – Scan 10 enemies in a single attack (required)
  • Spore searchers – destroyable spores without setting them to anyone (five required)

Shooting exercises

  • Calculated killing – Achieve four kills within two seconds (one required)
  • Opportunist – Kill or help to kill stunned Archaean (five required)
  • Deadly Challenge 2 – Get 20 kills or assists in a single attack (one required)


  • Arrive – Kill secretly an enemy in each subzone in an incurred (required)
  • No howl – Complete a goal without causing howling in the subzone (required)
  • Muscle memory – Defeat enemies (10 required)

Mann reduction

  • Mann Vulnerability – Kill or help kill a same with its vulnerability (one required)
  • Fancy stand – Kill or help kill a same before you ignite one of his mines (one required)
  • Mine search boat – Destroy sower mines without triggering them (three required)

Power Check-in

  • Full swing – Complete three targets and extract with a complete squad (required)
  • Health maintenance – extract with at least 60% health after completion of 3 goals (required)
  • Intel target 3 – earn 35,000 EP

Alaska studies

Alaska has more nine study series to complete:


      • Still stun – Kill of Assist when killing stunned tormentor (two required)
  • Suspension – Destroy Tormentor projectiles with firearms (one required)
  • explosive reaction – Damage tormentor with explosives (two required)

Eye in the sky

  • Specialized scanner – Scan enemies (15 required)
    • Per mining eye – Achievement kills through destructible surfaces (five required)
  • Pow advance – Ping Lurkers, Rooters or Smashers (three required)

Silent murderer

  • Stiller strip – score five stealth kills in a row. Enemies must not be alerted (one required)

Sleeping Destruction – Kill resting nests (10 required)
| – Perform 3 Stealth kills in various types of Achaeans in a single robbery (one required)


  • Lurker vulnerability – destroy a lurker with its vulnerability (one required)
  • Specialized Reveal – Turning a Lurker with React Tech or Operator Skills (One Required)
  • Great Revelation – Non-Lurker-Archaean Turning (Three Required)


  • Property adjustment – Complete a target while parasite mutations are active in an invasion (required)
  • Health maintenance – Close three goals without a down-but not-out state (three required)
  • Intel target 4 – Earn 45,000 EP

It will come even more while we advanced through Alaska’s studies.


The last area of ​​the game has the last study rates, all of which are significantly challenging than the rest:

Slash killer

  • Dual – Stealth kill arches with their vulnerabilities (five required)
  • all alone – Do you kill three enemies secretly in each sub-zone during a robbery (one required)
  • in the smoke – Kill Archaean, while they are covered with smoke (five required)

Exercise high

  • Mass stun – Kill as a squad Stunned Archaean (fifteen required)
  • Special skills – Kill enemies with operator skills (five required)
  • Boom Specialist 2 – Kill enemies with explosives (twenty required)


  • Frontal attack – Damage Smasher with firearms without making your vulnerability (three required) Smasher vulnerability – Kill or help kill a smasher with the vulnerability on the back (one required) Missed me – Locke a smasher to attack without hurting someone in the squad (one required) We will update this guide with further study series as soon as we reach you in the game. This covers all studies in the game. If you are looking for more details about extraction, look at how to unlock the React Laser in Rainbow Six Extraction and dive into more tips with our exemplary approach for Rainbow Six Extraction.