NFL Divisional Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams und Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills im LIVETICKER

After the first two games in the Divisional Round had already been decided in the last second yesterday, today the two other lots of the playoff round are available: in Tampa Bay Tom Brady’s Bus receive the Los Angeles Rams. After connecting the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, a Shootout could expect us.

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NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams in the Live ticker

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams

| Result | 1. Quarter | 2. Quarter | 3. Quarter | 4. Quarter
Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 3 | 3 | 0 | 0 |
Los Angeles Rams | 20 | 10 | 10 | 0

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Kick-off 2nd half

3. Quarter: Go on! The Rams start halftime two with the ball in the open.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Halftime

Halftime: Small statNugget for break: According to next gene stats, the PASS block win rate of the Bus was 13 percent in the first half. The worst value in some game of any team this season was 20 percent! PBWR can be enjoyed with caution, but these numbers still speak volumes.

Halftime: What must be better from the point of view of Bus? As good as everything. First and foremost, the PASS-PROTECTION must be offensive, the O-Line has no chance against Donald and Co. But the defense must also increase – and may hardly leave points against Stafford. In halftime two the guests start with the ball…

2. Quarter: Los Angeles is just in front of the knockout – but in front of the Goal line Cam Makers fumble the ball. The Running Back, who had just fought himself from his Achilles tendon tear, gives the Bus a little chance. With 20: 3 it goes into the break.

2. Quarter: But he does not come. Donovan Smith is beaten directly after the snap, Brady goes to the ground by sack. Afterwards he tries to force a litter downfield – and is picked! Nick Scott gets Herangflogen and L.a. takes over the ball in the opposing half.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Field Goal Rams


2. Quarter: Currently the Rams are just the clear better team. Stafford has largely parked the errors on Dean in the end zone except his bad litter. From 40 yards Matt Gay meets the next Field Goal. Tampa Bay now needs some success torque before the break. 20: 3 RAMs.

2. Quarter: The RAMs dominate at the line of scrimping. Tampa Bay has only thanks to Brady that they did not – similar to the Bengals yesterday – collect a sack after another. Brady will always start the balls at lightning fast, but of course, there is also problems to spread the ball constant. After a hit by Miller, quarterback is also bleeding out of the lip. From 48 yards Ryan Succor also scouts the Field Goal. This does not look good…

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Touchdown Rams

2. Quarter: Wow! The Bus bring Stafford into the Pocket for the fall after the quarterback must search for a target for a target. At Third-and-20, Stafford fires deep on Cooper Cough, which runs completely left along the side line. Mike Edwards has obviously played the Coverage. Currently, everything runs towards Rams. 17: 3 RAMs.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Field Goal Bus

1. Quarter: First Big Play of Bus. Brady finds Minkowski over the middle for a 29-yard-catch, we had expected that Gonk could play an important role in this game. So at least there’s a Field Goal for the homeowners. 10: 3 RAMs.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Touchdown Rams

1. Quarter: Two Drives, Ten Points. The Rams caught the significantly better start into the game. The end zone will find Stafford Tight End Kendall Blanton with a short playing action pass. Devin White had lost sight of his opponent. Previously, the guests also had a little luck that Naming Such got a taunting call against them. Now Brady has to take over! 10: 0 RAMS.

1. Quarter: The Rams become creative. Los Angeles sets Aaron Donald as Edge Rusher against Josh Wells, at the same time Defensive Coordinator Raheem Morris Galen Ramsey brings as a speed camera from the slot. The result: Donald meets Brady, Ramsey fakes the litter in addition. Threee-and-out, the passing offense the host is not there yet.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Rams Field Goal

1. Quarter: Los Angeles is starting offensive right. The Protection also holds strongly without Whitworth, Stafford finds his open receivers. In the Red Zone, however, the engine is mounted on the floor – and Stafford has great luck that his throw is not piled on Jamel Dean. Matt Gay finally meets the Field Goal. 3: 0 RAMS.

1. Quarter: The Bus start on the ground. Leonard Courgette picks up two First Downs at his comeback at his first two Runs behind his tight ends. Brady’s first two passes are not the teammate. At Fourth-and-Eight Punter the Bus – and the Rams take over the ball.

1. Quarter: Let’s go! The Bus start with the ball that starts the RAMs in the Defense.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams – Kick-Off

Before starting: But the RAMs do not go into the best cast in today’s game. Los Angeles must also do without his best O-liner, Andrew Whitworth deals with a knee injury. For him, Joseph Notebook is to start.au Safety Taylor Rap drops again with his brain shock.

Before starting: Instead of throwing is as against the Eagles Josh Wells. The tackle is a clear downgrade to the starter, and he is likely to do it today in one-counter-one with Miller. A potential key matchup.

Before starting: The hosts must cope with a heavy setback. After Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown and Co. whose lack of the lack of, Tristan will not be able to play. The Right Tackle was the best player on his position in this season. Against the strong pass-rush of the Rams is a real weakening.

Before starting: In Tampa Bay, Buccaneers first meet the Rams. Our detailed preview to the game you can read here.

Before starting: Welcome to the next issue of our playoff ticker. Yesterday we have seen two thrillers, today it should go round!

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NFL PL AFF: The Divisional Round at a Glance

In the Divisional Round four encounters are held. All games can be tracked live on DZN in Germany. Here you can see the four matches this weekend at a glance.

Date Time Home guest
22.1.22 10.30 pm Tennessee Titans Cincinnati Bengals
23.1.22 2:15 pm Green Bay Packers San Francisco 49ers
23.1.22 21.00 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Los Angeles Rams
24.1.22 0.30 Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills