Final Fantasy XIV

Tifa and Italy of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” are netmammed with set. Harney accident is sublimated with fun

Currently, on SNS, etc., the combination of Final Fantasy VII character FIFA and Italy seems to be memorized. On the background of this combination that has no relationship, there was an impact on the race of the Italian parliament.

Final Fantasy VII has released Square (current Square Enix) in 1997. In addition to becoming a big hit since then, it also develops video works and spin-off works. In 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake remake of the adventure until midgal escape was released. It is a work that boasts a strong popularity to the present, including the world view and the character.

And FIFA is an allay character that appears in Final Fantasy VII. It is a childhood friend with the main character, and it is characterized by a battle style fighting with his fist and a fashion that feels like movement and easy-to-move. He has a kindness of the character. There is also a secret in the past, and in the story, it also plays an important role that helps the cloud. He is attractive at both the outer surface and the inner surface, and a number of fans exist.


Such a fan-art has continued to post a fan of all over the world. However, recently, it seems that the posts involved with Italy, where Europe’s country are countries. FIFA should be from the land nibbleheim in the game, and it is not seen in the drawing that is considered to be an Italian and obviously related. So why is FIFA and Italy ? It is an Italian Raw Benefinisterist FIFA Express Case that could be seen on January 17, which can be seen.

The field of the case was the Italian TV channel Senate Della Republican (Senate TV). Italian senior and senior, i.e., a channel that broadcasts the state of the Senate Parliament, also distributes video on the web. Is it close to the National Assembly in Japan? On the 17th, the Congress of Congress by the Italian party Movimento 5 Stelle in the same channel was broadcasted. In the participants, there were also people who joined Meeting Tool ZOOM.

During the relay of the parliament, FIFA’s video suddenly projected. It was not just a video, but it was a secondary creation porn by 3D modeling. During a serious parliament, more images have flowed. The cause is considered to be because the parliament participant at Zoom has poured the corresponding image. According to local media DAY, Maria Laura Montovano, a member of a five-star exercise, claims that this event is hacking damage. On the other hand, the member of the Seminary is exposed to the Facebook, which is considered to be used in the above parliament. Although there is an opaque part that there were no such circumstances, it seems to be a fact that there was no such thing in FIFA.

However, some fans in the Europe and the United States show the attitude to enjoy this rare. On each SNS, Titan’s fan art, which is involved and entangled, seems to have a post from Italian users. As an example, fan art such as FIFA eating pizza and Italy flag pattern dressed FIFA is posted. Italy FIFA show signs of a kind of generalization, and a picture of FIFA to President Italy and comments are also seen. FIFA has been receiving a short period of time, and it is receiving unrelated to Italy’s kind of icon handling.

There are other public art posts related to Italian FIFA, and variations are also rich. For example, there are users who take Vespa and a user who draws a situation where Mario is jealous of FIFA. Vespa is a scooter manufactured by Pierogi, a manufacturer of Italian. Mario would have been selected from the fact that it is a character that is related to Italy. Besides, although many fan arts are posted, some are intensely exposed, so be careful when searching.

A FIFA who has decorated a strange debut at the Italian parliament. But due to the fact that the incident was interested, he was going to take a look in the form of loved. It will be a big place by FIFA’s original attraction. Anyway, there may be a trigger that many users in the world will spread again.

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