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“You can go this!” The Fill Spencer of the Xbox Boss will be motivated to develop new works of Activision Blizard

The top of the Xbox sector Phil Spencer has discussed future plans for IP that the development owned by Activision Blizzard has arrived at the Washington Post interview.

When he viewed the IP list of Activation Blizzard, he saw King See, Guitar Hero Helen, and he says, You can go! I felt that. On top of that he says that Activision Blizzard works to talk to developers and talk to developers. As soon as the acquisition is completed, he revealed enthusiasm. I want to ensure that resources to work on IP.

In addition, in interviews with Games beat, Bobby Codicil, a CEO of Activision Blizzard, has had the Guitar Hero new work, but there was no resource to realize it., Microsoft said that it was possible to develop its own stagnant IP deployment.

In addition, when Microsoft completes the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the latest work, such as Sky Landers, Me Warrior, Heavy Gear and DJ Hero, may also hit the long-time IP Hmm.

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