Final Fantasy XIV

“FF14” patch 6.08 patch notes are released. By job adjustment, the effect disappears from the dragon site of the dragon knight

Square Enix releases patch 6.08 of Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter, FF14 ) January 25. A new data center for the Oceania region is newly opened, and detailed job adjustments will be made.

In patch 6.08, the Oceania data center Material, which has been planned and prepared since before, is established. The number of new worlds opened in the data center is five, and the names of availability implemented in Bismarck, Havana, Effort, Sophia, Urban and Sugar of Sakai are lined up. If you change the home world to these new worlds, you will have a buff effect (effective to level 79) that the acquired experience value is added + 100%, and it seems that there are various bonuses. Some bonuses have good benefits such as 1 million girls as prepayment when reaching level 30. Mainly, it will be a measure for players living in Oceania, but if you are concerned, let’s go through this guidance. In addition, the home World change service that has stopped for congestion is also resumed at around 15:00 on January 26, and the movement to the Oceania data center is also possible from this day.

In job adjustment, a thermal potential raising due to numerical adjustment is mainly performed. There was a numerical adjustment of the numerical value, a night, warrior, monk, dragon knight, ninja, 侍, operator, dancer, black magician, summoner 10 jobs. There is a job that rises with the power of Tomahawk with the power of remote attacks and the Gambleraker, and a job that has risen the power of Tomahawk and a monk that has only strengthened the dream gear dance, but most other than that It is a job that was pointed out with the lack of firepower compared to other jobs. This adjustment is anxious when the gap in the roll is filled.

It should be noted that the dragon site of the dragon knight will be adjusted. So far, the Dragon Site has granted the left eye of the dragon to one target party member, and it was an action to thermal power by connecting the dragon knight’s own BYU’s right. The problem is that the left eye of the dragon can only be granted to the other party within 12 meters, so if there is no party member, it is also possible to activate the right eye of the dragon, which is a thermal power buzz of the dragon knight themselves. It is a point that could not be d1. In addition, it was also an action that tends to be a topic that channeling effects such as red lines displayed when connected to the subject are gimmicks that rely on visually.

Adjustment at patch 6.08 has a distance that can be granted the left eye of the dragon to 30 meters, and it has become possible to activate the effects of dragon sites alone even if there is no alien nearby. Also, characteristic red channeling effects are not displayed.

Dragon site effects are also used for a little play between users such as connecting lines, and they felt a loneliness of 1. In addition, since the conventional dragon site is disabled with the dragon knight, the effect disappears, so there was a visual understanding. The use of new dragon sites will probably be slightly different from now on. It may be a pros and cons, but if there is a point of mind, feedback will be given to the official forum.

Patch 6.08 is released and data centers for the Oceania region have opened FF14. In summer, reorganization of the world composition is also reorganized in Japan, and the expansion of servers looking forward to the future will continue to continue. FF14 As of maintenance, the end is planning at around 19 o’clock. Please read here for full patch notes.


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