Rumor: Resident Evil 3 Remake is already in development


Everyone knows Resident Evil 2, the original and remake. Both are loved and have a lot of success. The remake even won the Ultimate Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards 2019. Although it was not officially confirmed, no one could hear that Cap com could work on a remake of Resident Evil 3 at the time you read it. A number of sources have heard about such rumors and can corroborate this information. This too does not come from nowhere either. Some time ago, after the publication of Resident Evil 2 remake, the possibility of a remake of Resident Evil 3 was discussed, as well as the means to be taken to make it a reality.

A required element was a significant demand for the fans and another depended on Resident Evil’s remake performance as mentioned above, many critics and fans considered remake as the game of the year. It is therefore prudent to say that people liked it. In 1999, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is also considered a favorite The fans with the original version of Re 2. Shortly after the release of Resident Evil 2 remake, the first series of rumors on a remake of RE 3 started at Surrounding, and it was already present. Development.

Now there is the rumor of an exit date for this supposed remake. Chronicle and Spawn Wave video games have both received the information that the game is not developing, but that it will come out in the current of 2020. Of course, it is only a rumor, But the fact that several sources say it is revealing.

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