Double parade: Spain trembles in the EM

The reigning European champion struggled on Tuesday in the final main round game in Bratislava to a very narrow victory against Poland and thus qualified for the sixth time in a row for the medal games of an EM.

Against whom the Spaniards, who had to force the DHB selection for the prelude of the main round (29:23), in Budapest in the fight for the final, is not fixed yet. From the parallel group, World Champion Denmark had secured the first semi-final ticket on Monday.

Right outside Terran Sole of Paris Saint-Germain and Rückraummer Agustin Canada were against Poland with four hits for the Spaniards. To the Man of the Match, however, Poland was chosen Albrecht Michael Dashed (five goals in six attempts) – most of the hits for the German neighbor scored Rights Arkadiusz Motto (6).

Although the European champion of 2018 and 2020, almost the entire season, was in the lead, but had to throw everything in the scales against the outsider before 1432 spectators.


Finally, the scarce victory rescued goalkeeper Rodrigo Corrals (eight parades, 28 percent fang quotes) with a spectacular double parade in the final minute. His representative Gonzalo Perez de Vargas had previously no single ball (with seven throws).

The second semi-final participant of the main round group II make the EM-third Norway and Vice World Champion Sweden in the evening (20.30 pm, live! At Poland). Germany has no chance on the progress.

Poland – Spain 27:28 (13:14)

Poland: Wallach, Zembrzycki – Motto 6/1, Dashed 5, Jedraszczyk 5, Primula 5, Dawydzik 2, Krajewski 2, M. Benefit 1, Spread 1
Spain: Corrals, Perez de Vargas – Canada 4, Sole 4/1, Capella 3, Fernandez 3, Figures 3, Gomez Abel lo 3/1, Taffeta Serrano 3, Manuela 2, Amino 1, Turbine 1, Sacramento 1
Referee: Bajan LAH (Slovenia) / David So (Slovenia)
Viewers: 1432

Criminals: 2/2
Disqualification: \ – / –