Haalands luck with the break: realistic hope for Leverkusen

On Tuesday, the BVB introduced the training start to this play-free week – Erlang Haaland lacked little surprising, the striker had hurt the right adductors at the TSG Cofferdam (3: 2) and must be replaced.

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Since last weekend, a clear diagnosis has been waiting for a clear diagnosis, but so far the Dortmund was only announced that it was “muscular problems”.

The severity of the injury in the right adductor area remains open, especially as comparable blesses in the edgy attacker are a continuous theme and already occur this season for the third time. From his last forced break, he recovered right in good time, in order to be in the top match against FC Bayern at the beginning of December for the first time in the starting eleven (2: 3).

Enough pause before the Leverkusen game?

Also, now is the realistic hope for a rapid recovery within the framework of a reasonable risk assessment given the prehistory. The timing of the injury is good, even if that sounds a Malabar. The two weeks without games are sufficient time to find a tendency for the following encounter against Bayer Leverkusen.

Against the direct competitor on February 6 (Sunday, 3:30 pm, live! With Haaland lacked), a dedication of Haaland from Dortmund perspective would of course be desirable, at the 4: 3 victory in the first leg he met twice.