Full-scale simulation RPG “Langrisser Mobile” SP Lana implemented! Limited time Summon “Saint Advent: Summon Wishes” is held!

ZLONGAME is, in the full-scale simulation RPG in the popular delivery “Langrisser mobile“, appeared and limited time summoning of SP Lana February 8 (Tuesday): I know that to implement the “saint advent summoning of wishes”.

ZLONGAME is, in the full-scale simulation RPG in the popular delivery “Langrisser mobile”, appeared and limited time summoning of SP Lana February 8 (Tuesday), “Saint advent: summoning of wishes” will be carried out.

Appeared ## SP Lana is

Estolate Archbishop. She woke up from the darkness, the light of the saint who hate to large temple.

Limited summons “saint Advent: summoning of wishes”

When the conspiracy of the chaos emerged, the legendary hero to gather again. In front of the person who offered the pious prayer, human destiny is alight!

In this event summons, select the two SSR hero you want at the start, you can summon a pickup summons of the hero. Saints Advent: Select hero of summoning wish is you can reselect to reset up to 2 times.

When you summon picked up SSR hero, and the hero is already star level reaches 6, at the same time special items and pieces of the hero of the storage “space-time of the elite” is to come. By using the “space-time of the elite”, it can be exchanged with the debris of the other pickup SSR hero of memory. Chance to get the wanted that hero!

• If owning pickup hero has not reached the star level 6, “space-time of the elite” can not be won.
And acquisition was “space-time of the elite” can also be used in the event of the contents of the will be held in the future.
• The hero that can be selected, collaboration hero and mu, epsilon, Shuzetto, Christiane, alpha, does not include those who Shi was transcendental.

Gokuhoshi of the country: A New contract God

Unexplored quest “Gokuhoshi of the country” in a new country “vanaheimr” will be open. Clearing the first stage in the “vanaheimr”, you will be able to summon a new contract God “Freya”.

In deity manipulate the magic of the “Freya” is a powerful flame, not only give her a summons at the enemy in range attack, she will give you can give powerful magic damage and burn the “wings of God.”

Come on, let’s signed a contract of God.

limited time event “reverberation of light.”

“Reverberation of the light” when the total charge amount reaches the specified amount of money, is a limited time event that can earn the reward in accordance with the charge amount. Limited icon frame and Kiyoshimaken, Mashirubeseki, such as SSR accessories set, you can win a luxury reward.

as “Langrisser mobile” is

As a work of the official “Langrisser” series, “Langrisser mobile” has become a content that took over the former story.

The original series of scenarios and popular character, of course recording, and further added a new adventure story, the first time also smoothly enjoy “Langrisser” in the player “approachable ease” is selling. In addition, the original series fan has become content to enjoy both nostalgia and newness.

classic SRPG

“Langrisser mobile” has taken over the original system, The point is make a tactics taking into account the elements of the branch of an army Conflict and terrain.

Branch of an army in there is compatibility in each unit, mountains and forests, the impact to the unit by terrain, such as the river will change. In addition, unlike other SRPG, storyline with a diversity of scenario branching, etc., can also be enjoyed sufficient with no player that played the original.

story latest deep in

This work will be delivered in the “Langrisser” the first series of the smartphone platform. In a new battle over the holy sword Langrisser and the magic sword Al hazard, Erwin and Leon, Sherry, Naam, such as popular characters appeared of 歷代.

Of these original heroes, it is also possible to play in the new story. Also the voice of the character has been redesigned, it will draw on the fascinating world of more players “Langrisser”!

Basic information

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