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Open World Action RPG Write, Over the 16th, 2.5 Version Update

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\ – February 16 updates not to update the darkness of the darkness of darkness

\ – New 5 Star Lightning Element Characters ‘Micro’ Additional Notice, Element Battle Skill and Elemental Explosion Affairs Features

** \ – Terrain, traps, buffs, etc.

Global Interactive Entertainment Mizuno said on February 16, which comes to 2.5 version updates of the Open World Action RPG Developed today (7 days) today.

New 2.5 versions ‘The first cherry blossom blooming’ is added to the Yeonha Palace area, and the new 5 star character ‘Mikiko’ will join.

First, in the ‘Samgok Gate’ season event, the user will continue to suffer from the dismiety of erosion in a place where the unknown darkness in the palace.

To solve this, you can earn the level of the special tool ‘Bokku’ when you have obtained a treasure box that appears in the game and unlock the warp point.

While the event mission is performed, it is helped to enable the level of the ‘Boku’ of the Voco’s’ of the users, and can resist the erosion darkness, which can use it to acquire new abilities, or to fall into some monsters.

In addition, this seasonal event can be obtained through this season event, which can acquire a rich compensation, including the gemstone and the 4th Structure ‘swear’.

In addition, Inazuma plans to emerge powerful enemies such as empty arms, pagania, dark empty soda, proximal, and darkness of darkness, and richness of darkness of darkness of darkness with different weapons, elements, and capabilities.

In addition, Narukami Daisha’s Daewoo ‘Miko’ is newly joined with a five-star lightning element character. Micro, Mikki, offers her angular damage to her atmosphere through her elemental combat skills and can give an explosive damage through elemental explosion.

She, she, she can specify a variety of terrain, mechanisms, traps, buffs, and completion criteria through the ‘new ears’, producing their own special relativity and challenging the relative to others.

In addition, in 2.5 versions, the legendary mission of the Leiden Shower continues, and on the other side of Inazuma, the new Weekly Boss is emerging and the trips will be pressed in a threatening combat.

In addition, in special broadcasting of 2.5, the “layer cancer” concept art is first released and it is expected to explore the new additional area from Riwol.

2.5 For more information on version updates, you can check through Official Cafe .