Apex Legends players divided by the controversial change of season 12

Taiths of apex season 12 is around the corner and, as Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are learning more and more about the new season. For example, today Causic players discovered that they may need to modify their strategy for season 12. Why? Because the character is receiving a great nerf.

Apex Legends New Season 12 Changes Has Players Divided

With season 12, Respawn Entertainment has made a quite substantial change in the functioning of gas traps that will undoubtedly affect the metajame and efficiency of Causic, one of the most popular characters of the game. More specifically, with season 12, gas traps may be destroyed even after they have been activated. The scope of the substantiality of this change will depend on the ease with which they can be destroyed, but if it is as easy as they can be previously destroyed, it is a great success for the Players of Causic. As expected, players are divided about this change.

“Now his traps do not make sense, since they do not punish people simply by toupered with them, since they can now run and spray the bottom of the trap. g Time, »Read a popular response. «Instead of being punished for rushing and receiving harm for pushing a defensive structure. Only get 5-10 damage before you sprinkle the floor trap! Yes! This sounds just for the f * * g contract serpentines, is not it?

Most of the response has been negative, but there have also been some who do not care about the change, pointing out the problems with Causic, which is the confidence of the character in him’s skills.

“This nerf will not affect the best players or players who know how to play this legend efficiently. If it affects someone importantly, then adapt to a different strategy. ” Read a popular answer on the other side of the hall. You should not let you carry for your skills. The main weapon to kill is a weapon, not your ability.

At the time of publication, Respawn Entertainment has not addressed the violent reaction to this change in any way. If this changes, we will update the story.

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