“Gran Turismo 7” is made not to get tired of playing for many years-thinking that Yamauchi A fiction P talks to the “high masterpiece”

As the numbering title, it will be for the first time in about nine years from Gran Turismo 6 of the previous work “Gran Turismo 7 (” GT7 “) . Launched on March 4, 2022, I asked a series producer’s attraction to be a series producer.

# I want to convey the charm of car to many people

  • First of all, please tell us the thoughts that Mr. Yamaka put in “GT7”.

Yamauchi: Thanks to Gran Turismo, we have reached the 25th anniversary this year. However, society and environment surrounding cars in 25 years have changed significantly. It is difficult to experience a rich automobile culture like the initial Gran Turismo, and in recent years. In response to that, I felt so strongly, “ Need to convey the most beautiful and attractive culture of this beautiful and attractive car. “. This GT7 was created with such a sense of responsibility.

  • The word “young generation car leaving” has also been heard well. Does such people have created a work that you can be interested in the car of the car.

Yamauchi: That’s right, I made Gran Torismo for many years and I met a lot of people involved in the automotive industry. I thought that my thoughts wanted to convey throughout the game, and I thought that many people would be interested in the history and culture of cars. In particular, I think it is not “ Gran Turis Mocha Fa ” that plays its role.

  • “Gran Turis Mocafe” is what the position is in the game.

Yamauchi: The world of GT7 is very large anyway. Even after one year, it is made to be aware of new play, or I do not get tired of playing. However, because the world is too huge and complicated, ** “Cafe” has made it possible to function as a way to understand the GT7 world system. By following the menubook (quest) passed by “Cafe”, the following goals are shown, and finally it will be able to naturally understand what you can do in the GT7 world.

Inside: Another, “Cafe” has an important feature. For example, for cars that the player can collect, you can hear the commentary from the master’s master, or more Designers and engineers designed the car appear in “Cafe”, and talk about the memories of the car Era . Even Gran Turismo also made a commentary of the car “read”, but it is more important that the most important thing is that people and cars are “talking”. Automotive and human society are always in close relationships, and in GT7, the elements of “people” are very important.

# To the world full of reality of GT7

-Is a wide variety of people, as a factor in the Gran Turismo, I think that a sense of immersion in the realistic Gran Turismo world is. It is GT7 and the reality is getting more rising.

Yamauchi: That’s right, I think that it is a sense that it can feel realistically that the world is real. GT7 uses 3D audio technologies that enhance graphic quality and realize a three-dimensional sound by utilizing PS5 functions. Furthermore, I think that a small stacking is connected to a further immersive feeling, such as utilizing the precise vibration of the PS5 controller “dual sense”.

-The engine sound and exhaust sound of the actual car also recorded directly from before. This time, Curuma was prepared for more than 400 car types, but the sound also recorded all the sounds ?

Mountain: Yes, yes. There is a sound recording studio in the United Kingdom and Germany, German, and from GT sports. In the anechoic room, there is a chassis dynamo that directly connected to the hub (axle), and there is a recording while operating the car. If you think about carrying out the car, it is a good work for your hands.

-The reality is also increasing because it takes time and effort. Furthermore, in GT7, we asked that the weather change was doing precise simulation.

Inside: Weather in GT7, evaporated by water and ground water, evaporated and cooled with the air above and become clouds…… Simulating and reproducing such actual weather changes itself. However, in any course, it changes from sunny to cloudy, but it is limited to the course of rain. Similarly, the time change from morning to night is possible, but it changes from night to morning, is limited to Sart Circuit (Luman) and Nürburg cranks where 24-hour racing takes place.

Mountains: ** Large challenges of the weather change are not only just looking alone, but also the environment in the race is also impacted. Since the temperature and road surface temperature change or the course gets wet, the feeling of grip of the tire changes or also affects the engine power and slipstream.

In the mountains: Actually, I’m particular about the starry sky, so I would like you to see it. The data in the night sky basically uses the data published by NASA, simulating the sun, planets, and moon positions. At night racing, only a bright star such as one star may be visible, but If you slow the shutter speed in photo mode, you can also see the Milky Way .

# Enjoy the world of GT7 with music

-Other is there any new attractions added to GT7?

Yamauchi: Gran Torismo has cherished the elements of music so far. At GT7, there is a feeling that “I can not integrate music in the game differently in a different way.” I gathered at the company’s sound room every day, and I spent a lot of opinions while playing the piano and instruments. The idea that came out in it is this new element “ music replay ” and “ music rally “. Until these were born, It took about 5 years to take about it .

  • “Music Rally” said, “ It is not the purpose of running fast. “, but specifically what kind of game is it?

Yamauchi: The purpose of “Music Rally” is that you enjoy the music itself while driving. And I wanted to make something that can enjoy people and children who have never done any race games.

In the mountains: “Music Rally” starts with “beat” first, and if you go through an extend gate on the way, “beat” will be added, and if you can listen to the last, it will be cleared if you can listen to the song. It is point that “beat” is added, not the number of seconds. . If BPM (Tempo) is a fast song, “beat” consumption will be faster and slower songs will be slower. If you are a good person, I think that “Beat” may be too late, so you may be interesting to try drift or decide donut tong. After clearing, it will be played in “Music Replay”, so I think that you can enjoy it.

# GT7 stands at the top of the series

-When, let me know the thoughts to Gran Turismo, which reaches the 25th anniversary.

Inside the mountains: The first Gran Turismo was extremely experimental. So I did not think that it would be a popular title so far. The staff of Gran Turismo was originally 15 people, but now there are nearly 300 people. Even if the number of people increases, there is a feeling that it is continued to be created with the same feeling of families. Thanks to the support of all the people of the fans and Gran Turismo, I am very grateful that I was able to continue making it in such an environment for 25 years.

Yamashima: GT7 is a work that stands at the top of Gran Turismo, which is suitable for the 25th anniversary. I think that people who were not interested in cars have also been a work that can be enjoyed from the bottom of the mind, of course, for those of the core fans. Please experience GT7’s reality full of car life.